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Shipping Jobs in Bangalore

There are plenty of shipping jobs in Bangalore, which require people with varied skills. The

growing volume of operators in this sector like cruise ships, oil carriers, freight ships, and bulk carriers only points to a better future for it.

Vault Coordinator Jobs in Bangalore

The vault coordinators are responsible for receiving and shipping various physical assets by using services such as FedEx. They also perform other important functions that may be mentioned as below:

Indus Cruising & Shipping

  • Logging goods out of and into vault database systems
  • Looking after all digital and physical goods that are moved out from and into vaults and storage systems
  • Packaging and labeling sent goods
  • Moving goods files within servers

General Manager – Exports Jobs in Bangalore

The general managers who look after exports of business houses in Bangalore take care of several crucial areas, apart from normal import and export operations, such as logistics and shipping, negotiations, liaison activities and remittances.

Manager Sales – Shipping Jobs in Bangalore

Candidates looking to take up manager sales –shipping jobs in Bangalore perform a wide variety of operations such as business and sales development and acquiring new clients. They also head sales teams and are responsible for maintaining continuous communication with other shipping companies, forwarders and consignees.

Customer Service Executives Jobs in Bangalore

The customer service executives’ major responsibility is to procure rates of export freights from shipping lines. They are also required to be in constant touch with documentation department for filling up the bills. They are further needed to keep communicating with shipping companies for getting information on load lists.

Merch Specialist Merch Ops Jobs in Bangalore

The Merch Specialist Merch Ops operate primarily as executive shared services perform a wide array of functions such as:

  • Purchase Order Tracking
  • Purchase Order Writing
  • Vendor/Item Setup and Maintenance
  • Identification and participation in development and training for personal and professional development
  • Understanding present best practices and identifying chances for improvement
  • Training, mentoring and coaching new employees
  • Workflow and communication duties

Import/Export/DGFT Officers Jobs in Bangalore

The basic quality required to be successful import, export and DGFT officers in Bangalore is substantial knowledge of procedures related to import, license and export of goods. However, the candidates should also have proper knowledge of licensing requirements that are applicable for customs and JDGFT. Additionally, they should be able to negotiate the best terms and rates for shipping.

These professionals execute some important functions that may be mentioned as below:

  • Managing crucial documents and releasing goods as part of different schemes
  • Preparing license papers and updating files on a regular basis
  • Submitting papers with JDGFTs and banks
  • Managing different schemes and export documents

Last Updated: 26/09/11

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