Data Entry Jobs in India

Data Entry Jobs in Goa

Goa is gradually becoming a favorite spot of the industrialists. As days are passing, various IT companies and BPO centers are moving to Goa. And hence, Goa does not only reminds us of beautiful beaches but a center of
multinational corporate houses which promote database management services. Recently Sonia Gandhi has commented “Goa has created the infrastructure to become a hub for investment.” And it is obvious that with the setting up of numerous data entry service providers, the data entry job opportunities are increasing in Goa.

It would be very wrong to consider data entry jobs as a separate domain from IT and BPO industries as most of the outsourcing services are carried out through data formatting and data management activities.

Latest Data Entry Jobs in Goa
Data entry jobsin Goa are opening avenues for data formatting, data processing, data conversion related job opportunities. Companies like Versatile Solutions are providing data entry jobs to young and motivated people in Goa. The data entry service providers usually prefer candidates who have a basic knowledge of PDF and other data conversion modes, printing, keyboard, data management and Linux and so on. People having a good command over English language are absorbed for data editing jobs. The literacy rate is pretty high in Goa and most of the inhabitants are English speaking and so, it is not difficult for various data entry service providers to get qualified candidates. It has been recorded that Goa gets about 8000 graduates every year. This is the basic reason why data entry service providers are moving to Goa. The data entry jobs in Goa are high paid jobs but the jobs demand educative minds and as far as education is concerned Goa has always been in prominence among Indian states. It has been recorded that about 2 million people are getting absorbed in data entry jobs in Goa. Hence, the picture is quite promising. In order to collect more information on the data entry jobs in Goa, browse through these links:

Versatile Solutions is an offshore firm which serves various small and reputed organizations around the world with its data management services. The company focuses on the providing human resources along with technology to various small organizations. The company promises safety, security, superior quality of its services, strategic performance models and services efficiency to its clients. The company services include data management which is again done through both the online and offline data entry services, data processing of insurance or application forms, data conversions from one file format to Excel, Microsoft Excess, or JPG or PDF, data formatting of resumes and manuals and database management like data restructuring and so on.
Jobs at Versatile Solutions in Goa
Smart, young and motivated candidates can apply for various data entry jobs. The candidates with the knowledge on database processings and Excel, Microsoft are favored. The company expects to grow with the employees and so, the candidates must possess the zeal to work for their personal growths. Interested candidates can opt for online applications. Send an email to HR department for more information on this issue at