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Government Jobs in Uttarakhand

The North Indian state of Uttarakhand was formed in the year 2000 by taking out parts of the Himalayas and the districts of north western Uttar Pradesh.

The region was initially named Uttaranchal; it was in the year 2007 that the name Uttarakhand was introduced. The local state government of Uttarakhand has introduced policies to develop the handicrafts and handloom industry of Uttarakhand, both of which are major contributors to the state revenue. Tourism, hydroelectric projects and high technology industries also bring tax benefits for the state government and provide employment to the residents of this North Indian state.

The GSDP (gross state domestic product) of Uttarakhand is progressive at 12 percent of the total output of Uttar Pradesh from which it was carved out. In this page we take a look at the government organizations of Uttarakhand.

Government Organizations in Uttarakhand

Uttaranchal Sabhi Ke Liye Shiksha Parishad – this is the administering body for education in schools located in Uttaranchal. The board of the administering body consists of eminent personalities from the field of politics. However, there are also three non political members in the board, out of which one has to be a woman and another from the scheduled caste / scheduled tribe community. The board is chiefly responsible for providing educational and technical resource development ideas to the state government. The various posts open for recruitment are

  • Education Instructor / Teacher
  • NGO Activist
  • Director of Education
  • Additional Secretary of Board
  • State Project Director Secretary

Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) – the UPCL was established in the year 2001 with the aim to transmit and distribute electric power to residents in Uttarakhand. The chief objective of this state government department is to achieve complete electrification of rural Uttarakhand and to provide electricity to every house and street of the state throughout the day. The state government hence makes use of improved technology for the UPCL to assure continued electricity supply in Uttarakhand. If you want to get employed with this government organization, you can apply to the posts of:

  • Assistant Engineer
  • Junior Engineer
  • Director of UPCL
  • Electrician
  • Secretary to the Director

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) – the DRDO is a central government agency that performs the function of developing technology that can be used by the military stationed in the capital of India. The Technical Development Establishment, the Defence Science Organization and the Directorate of Technical Development & Production came together in the year 1958 to form the DRDO. The scientists appointed by the DRDO function from 52 laboratories of this agency. Students from various fields such as aeronautics, computer science, life sciences, armaments, human resource development and naval research work with DRDO. Various posts available for recruitment are:

  • Scientist
  • Junior Research Fellow
  • Recruitment Secretary
  • Technical Assistant
  • Assessment Center Executive

Directorate of Technical Education Uttaranchal – this body was formed in the year 2001 by the joint effort of the state government and central government authorities to introduce education that is supported by technology in the state of Uttaranchal. This government body is the administering authority of all institutes in Uttarakhand which provide technical education. The Directorate also provides technical education to the skilled but unemployed people of the state so that they may be able to contribute towards the technological development of Uttarakhand. Posts to which students and professionals may apply are:

  • Vocational Trainer
  • Clerk
  • Stenographer
  • Group C Assistant
  • Technical Educator


Last Updated: 02/27/12

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