Graphical designs are used for making pictorial representations of data and information. Graphical designs, animations and illustrations generated by computers help in successful communication of specific information and message to the target audience. Computer animation and graphics are used in various spheres of our everyday life; in education, publishing, advertising, and entertainment, wherever creation of such a visual message is deemed necessary. Graphics jobs in India are booming.


If you’re gifted with the inborn talent to draw, paint and visualize, make sure to follow it up with proper academic training. Without the requisite technical knowledge and practice, you’ll only end up wasting your talent. If you want to make it big in the profession, a bachelor’s degree in art or design would certainly come in handy. Instances of people earning their living without any formal training are rare.


A graphic designer should be creative, talented, detail-oriented, dedicated and original in his ideas. He/she should also have the knowledge of:

  • The fundamentals of visual communication
  • Iconography
  • Image processing tools
  • The nature of electronic media
  • Computer painting
  • Storyboarding techniques

Ability to create artwork that conforms to the style and content specifications provided by the project’s art director or producer.


A career in graphics has huge scopes in the fields of:

  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Education
  • Direction
  • Cartography
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Television
  • Films
  • Interface designing
  • Web designing
  • Gaming

Where to Study

Various colleges and universities offer programs on advanced multimedia technologies. Degrees and diplomas on multimedia and graphic designing are offered by institutes like:

  • Arena
  • Delhi College of Art
  • Aptech
  • Pune Film Institute
  • Zee
  • Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  • EDIT


One can choose careers like:

  • Animator
  • Account executive
  • Creative director
  • Graphic designer
  • Visual artist
  • Webmaster

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