Hardware & Networking Jobs in India
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Hardware & Networking Jobs in India

Computer hardware is the combination of the different physical parts of a computer. Networking is the practice of linking a
group of two or more computer systems for the purpose of sharing information and data. The professionals associated with the discipline of research of computer hardware and developments of computer network are known as hardware and networking engineers. They also design and supervise the process of manufacturing and installation of hardware.


A science background in the plus-two level is preferred for students willing to enroll in different degree and diploma courses. Reputed training institutes, colleges and universities offer programs on hardware.
For networking, a degree or diploma in computer science, electronics, electrical and telecommunication is required.

Recent surveys have revealed that the electronics and hardware sector in India is expected to grow above the $60 billion landmark. The popularity of software industry had overshadowed the hardware sector. But the scenario is likely to experience a change in the coming years. Hardware and networking jobs in India are growing in potential.

The field of hardware jobs in India is saturated at the moment. The marginal increment in employment against the number of pass-outs is on the lower side. Students often choose to start their own business ventures in the form of assembling and maintenance.

A diploma holder earns around Rs.8000-10000 at the entry level. Those with vendor certification courses can expect a salary of Rs.20000-25000.

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Hardware & Networking Job Sites

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