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Java Jobs in India

Are you looking for a Java job? Demand for java professional is at an all-time high. According to industry analyses there is demand for half million java professionals worldwide. Java technologies form major part
in the rapidly changing IT job market. Java programming and architecture is intruding in to the terrains where other technologies were predominant such as visual basic, C, C++ and Microsoft technologies.

In recent years major business conglomerates worldwide are using java as their primary application development language, or transforming their already existing programmes. This clearly swells the demands for Java programming positions. As the companies are shifting to internet and web centric applications, java has became the programming language of the net.
Java Certification
Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) certification gives a competitive advantage to the programmer. For those who have worked as a Java programmer, certification provides a standard, a definite parameter of measuring technical skills. Passing Sun Certified Java Programmer is not so easy, but one needs to put considerable time and efforts. The time required depends on how much exposure and experience you have on Java language or other object oriented languages (like C, Cobol, etc.) If you have one years regular Java programming experience you can get through the examination with 12 weeks study, if you are committed.

A growing number of online job listings demand Java Certification, while putting added advantage to if one carries along with Corba and EJB certifications.

In addition to Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam, Sun offers Certified Java Developer and Certified Java Architect exams. The emphasis of developer exam is on core Java, Swing, JDBC and RMI API skills. The Certified Java Architect exam is focused on the ability to architect, develop and deploy Java applications in an enterprise environment.

Java Terminology
As Java technology has wide applications and uses, and because of its extending in to new utilities, Java terminology enormous and confusing. Java Server Pages(JSP), JDBC, RMI, JDK--Java technology acronyms needs to be defined separately. The most common Java terminology is as follows: Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), Java Applet, HotSpot VM, Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) API, Java API (Java Application Programming Interface (API), Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS), Java Communications API, Java Cryptography Extension (JCE), Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), JavaBeans, JavaServer Faces Technology, JDBC, JDK, Project Swing and Servlets.

In recent years a lot of information technology professionals of India have opted to route to Java Technology jobs. In India, Java technology has became the first choice career for the bright brains who choose the IT career. Hence, many offshore software companies have set up development centers in India. Java Jobs in India are booming with increasing demand for professionals.

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