Medical Jobs in India
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Medical Jobs in India

The sector for medical jobs in India provides openings in a number of domains such as admin services, cardiologist, dermatologist, ENT
specialists and general practitioner. Jobs are also available in other sectors such as hepatology, natural therapy, lab/medical technician, occupational therapy and medical imaging.

In addition, candidates can also look for lucrative offerings in other domains like paramedics, surgery and radiology.

Lab Technician Jobs in India
Medical companies in India are looking for lab technicians, who ideally should have experience of 2 to 3 years. The candidates are normally appointed on permanent basis and normally operate in metro cities such as Mumbai and are provided with supplementary benefits as per the companies’ regulations.

Home based Medical Telesales and Medical Writers Jobs in India

The home based medical telesales and medical writers jobs in India are offered by medical publishing companies. These jobs are primarily for medical writers and telesales professionals with a maximum experience of 1 year.

Candidates are also required to possess good knowledge of English and sales related experience. It is also thought to be beneficial if they have good educational records.

Blood bank Technician Jobs in India

The blood bank technicians are required to perform regular technical operations such as blood grouping, preparing blood components, cross matching, maintaining records in accordance with Drug Laws and viral screening using media such as Vitros ECQ.

Candidates should ideally have 1-2 years experience. They should also have proper knowledge of the domain in additional to proper assessment and analytical skills.

Radiologist Jobs in India

Candidates applying for radiologist jobs should ideally have 3 years’ experience of having worked in fields like MD and DNB. They are responsible for working in critical areas such as CT/MRI reporting, Mammography and USG. These professionals are normally paid annual salaries of INR 1501,000 to INR 2501,000.

Microbiologist Jobs in India
The ideal work experience for candidates applying for microbiologist jobs is 3 to 8 years. They perform crucial tasks like reviewing reports and slides and making sure that laboratory tests are completed at an optimum time.

These professionals also create standard operating procedures applicable for tests and conduct training sessions and seminars for other members of the staff. They are often required to perform human relations related operations as well.

Following are some other types of jobs that are offered in the medical sector in India:

Medical officers
Medical Jobs in India