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Medical Transcription Jobs in Cochin

One of India's major outsourcing industry locations, Cochin occupies prime place in the Medical Transcription jobs and career map of Indian cities. With many companies present who provide medical transcription services to US and Europe companies, Kochi and some other Kerala cities offer many medical transcription job opportunities. This category of jobs extends to include medical billing jobs, medical coding jobs and
transcript editing jobs. Naurki hub carries medical transcription job opportunities in Cochin and other Kerala cities such as Kottayam, Trichur, Calicut, etc. We here intend to provide information on transcription outsourcing services, medical billing jobs, offshore medical billing and coding jobs in Cochin, medical transcription training institutes in Kerala, prospects of MT career, Hipaa compliant medical transcription facilities in Kochi.
Offshore Medical Billing is one of the leading Medical Transcription Company of India. Offshore Medical Billing not only provide the services of Medical Transcription but also with cutomization and preservation of the records in electronic format.
Careers with Offshore Medical Billing in Cochin
Offshore Medical Billing values the ethical attributes of an employee. Offshore Medical Billing promises emotional satisfaction and the evolution of an employee as a person. Offshore Medical Billing is in its phase of growth, and so it offers plenty of opportunities to fresh and young blood. If you are interested in working with Offshore Medical Billing then you can send your resume at

Outsourcing Transcription is a Business Process Outsourcing Company which specializes in the field of Medical Transcription.Outsourcing transcription services has been awarded with HIPAA certification. This ensures the degree of maximum security for the clients of Outsourcing Transcription among whom are hospitals, medical clinics and individual practitioners.
Careers with Outsourcing Transcription in Cochin
Outsourcing Transcription emphasizes the the important role of its work force. The atmosphere of the work place is great carrying an air of informality without ny compromising on the work ethics. In essence, this is the philosophy of the Company towards its employees.Qualified Medical Transcriptionists, software Engineers, web site developers and programmers are required by Outsourcing Transcription Interested Candidates may send their resumes to

Hykon Transcripts is an IT and IT enabled technology solutions provider which develops and creates cost effective and timely solutions to business especially that of Medical Transcription. Based in Cochin Special Economic Zone, an emerging hub of IT, Hykon Transcripts deal in Medical Transcriptions, Legal Transcriptions , other services of Hospital Care industry and Multimedia. It promises custimization and competent costs with respect for deadlines.
Careers with Hykon Transcripts in Cochin
Hykon Transcripts understands the psychological needs of its employees and gives the credit of the Company's success to its employees. Hykon Transcripts insists on the technical expertise for the job, like knowledge of medical terminology to its employees, full training to its prospective employees and technical expertise.Hykon Transcripts require Medical Transcriptionists and Software professionals for its Cochin branch. Interested Candidates may submit their resumes at

Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd provide top class service in Medical Transcription and other related fields of Software Development & Export, Software Consultancy, Cyber Search and Internet services and the likes. The USP of Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd is excellent quality, competent price, and deliverability on time, every time.
Careers with Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Cochin
Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd believes in investing in its most precious resource, human resources. That sums up the HR policy of Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd requires Medical Transcriptionists, Linux Specialists, Proof-readers, PHP, Editors, VC++ Programmers and .net programmers. Interested Candidates may send their resumes at

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