Medical Transcription Jobs in India

Medical Transcription Jobs in Trivandrum

One of India's major outsourcing industry locations, Trivandrum occupies prime place in the Medical Transcription jobs and career map of Indian cities. With many companies present who provide medical transcription
services to US and Europe companies, Trivandrum and some other Kerala cities offer many medical transcription job opportunities. This category of jobs extends to include medical billing jobs, medical coding jobs and transcript editing jobs. Naurki hub carries medical transcription job opportunities in Trivandrum and other Kerala cities such as Kollam, Kottayam, Alapuzha, etc. We here intend to provide information on transcription outsourcing services, medical billing jobs, offshore medical billing and coding jobs in Trivandrum, medical transcription training institutes in Kerala, prospects of MT career, Hipaa compliant medical transcription facilities in Trivandrum.

Overnight Scribe is a Healthcare Transcription arm of Webahn Inc. The main job of Overnight Scribe is to provide Medical Transcription at competetive rates offering full accuracy and secrecy. The turnaround time of the Company is also within the acceptable limits in the industry.
Careers with Overnight Scribe Thiruvananthapuram

Enter Technologies Private Limited is an Outsourcing Company that provides excellent services in the field of Medical Transcription, Business Transcription, Finance and Accounting and Document Processing. The Medical Transcription services are aimed at serving private physicians and large hospitals at competent rates in low turn around time.
Careers with ETP in Trivandrum

Enter Techies (as the employees of the Enter Technologies Private Limited love to call themselves) are the soul of Enter Technologies Private Limited. This sums up the HR policies followed by Enter Technologies Private Limited. Enter Technologies Private Limited require qualified Medical Transcriptionists, Senior Medical Transcriptionists and MBAs in Finance and Marketing. Interested candidates may send their resumes to

Accentia Technologies is one of the largest Business Process Outsourcing Companies in India. Financial and Insurance Sectors, E-commerce, Internet Technologies and Client Server architecture specializes in offering services pertaining to the fields of Health care including Medical Transcription, Financial and Insurance Sectors, E-commerce, Internet Technologies and Client Server architecture.
Careers with Accentia Technologies Thiruvananthapuram
Accentia Technologies believe in building lasting relationships with employees. As a result, the employees work better as a team. Accentia Technologies require experienced Medical Transcriptionists, Senior Medical Transcriptionists and Executive Medical Transcriptionists.

Seaview Support Systems Pvt. Ltd. has an experience of more than a decade in the field of Business Process Outsourcing. Seaview Support Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides back office operations, Health care services including Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Medical Billing, other Transcription services like Legal Transcription, Business Transcription and Mediacal Research Transcription.
Careers with Seaview Support Systems Trivendrum
Seaview Support Systems Pvt. Ltd. accords top priority to human resources. Seaview Support Systems Pvt. Ltd. strives to provide them with a comprehensive training for Medical Transcriptionists to make them rub shoulders with the best in the industry. Seaview Support Systems Pvt. Ltd. requires Managers (Quality Control and Delivery), Medical Transcriptionists, Event Transcriptionists, Business Transcriptionists, Insurance Transcriptionists and Legal Transcriptionists. Interested Candidates may send their resumes at

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