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If you are interested in a career that involves helping the ones who are underprivileged and in distress, and wish for a career that doesn’t
confine your activities into the air-conditioned cubicle, you can consider a career in social work. Increasing instances of child and women abuse, drug consumption, HIV positive cases, mental depression, disability, poverty, old age problems has created the need of nonprofit, social services and NGO Jobs in India.

Scopes of Jobs in NGO in India

Social services deal with the economical, social and emotional problems arising out of different aspects of today’s complex lifestyle. It focuses on spreading public awareness on the issues of concern. Social work diversifies into the streams like Psychiatric Social Work, Community
Organization, Clinical Social Work, School Social Work, Medical Social Work, Industrial Social Work, Criminology and Correctional Social Work, Research work with social orientation.

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The Non Governmental Organizations (NGO)

, also known as non-profit organizations, are effective in the sense that they reach out more efficiently than government organs. They have their activities spread out in areas of social development, human behavior, natural resources, finance, education, energy and cultural affairs.

Education Required to Get Job in NGO

A graduate or post graduate degree in social sciences is always preferred. An MSW degree is the most preferred qualification. Students interested in taking up NGO Jobs in India can pursue programs offered by various colleges and universities

Remuneration in NGOs

Entry level salaries vary depending on the organization. One can start off with a salary of Rs.3500-6000. A stint with the industrial units is likely to get you a salary of around Rs.4000. Though, top organizations usually pay higher salaries.

Top NGOs in India

Some of the reputed organizations who work in the field of socio-economic uplift and welfare of the underprivileged, destitute children, disabled, aged and socially and economically weak are UNESCO, UNICEF, CRY, CINI, HelpAge India and Department of Rural Development.

Indian and international NGOs working for the development and relief of the underprivileged in generates a good number of jobs for professionals. There exists a good army of NGO professionals in India. Major NGOs and International organizations recruit qualified project executives and officers for their welfare and development projects in India. On this page we endeavour to list the relevant NGO job sites for placement of Indian NGO staff, sites on employment in NGO officers and project officers as well as the NGO Job jobs. Through these NGO job sites of India, you can get to know about the various volunteer and employment opportunities available with the non profit social service organizations in India. We have attempted to put on this page NGO Jobs in India, volunteer sites, sites on welfare jobs, development jobs in India.
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UNICEF is mandated with the United Nations General Assembly to help the children to meet their basic rights and needs and help them reach their potential. UNICEF is an equal opportunity employer working for the welfare of the society.

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