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Introduction to Operations Management Career

Operations Management is a function in most business models. In fact no business organization can function without at least some amount of operational management skill. Even a small firm of lawyers requires some
level of operations management for its smooth functioning. There are companies whose core skill is logistic operations such as security operations, transportation, courier, etc. In companies involved in production, manufacturing, construction, banking, hotel, travel and tourism, mining, etc.

Osperation is either the main activity or a major part of its business activity. Today, since outsourcing has been developed in to an industry sector, many companies, for whom operations management is not its core business activity tend to outsource the part of operations management.
Examples are that, in proactive banking and insurance business the customer service and relationship activities are outsourced to companies who are specialized in those areas.

Scope in India
In this section of operations management jobs Naukri hub gives operations management and execution job jobs available in Indian cities and regions. These opportunities may be from many industries, like mining, petroleum refinery, coal, manufacturing, construction, project management, transportation and other logistic activities, insurance, banking, printing and publishing, distribution channel, outsourcing industry, air cargo as well as shipping companies. In this section you will find listing for operations Managers jobs in india, Executives, operations staff of all other categories.

Operations Management jobs are generally spread across diverse industrial activities spread in diverse sectors, consulting organizations, and non-profit organizations in Indian cities. The job is about controlling and utilizing the organization’s resources in a logical and profitable manner. To ensure effective production, the operations managers are supposed to organize resources and employees, plan the priorities of customer and organizational requirements, maintaining staffing levels and performance management and measuring and rewarding to achieve organizational effectiveness.

Operations Management Job Description:
Operations Management job description across diverse business organization are categorized below:

Distribution Management
Industrial Engineering
Production Management
Risk Management
Resource Management
Project Management
Logistics Management
Intelligence Operations
Performance Management
Supply Chain Management
Transportation Management
Business Process Reengineering
Inventory Control & Management

Job jobs in Operations Management exist in most industrialized cities of India. Growth of job openings in the field depend on the speed of economic development activities in the city. Cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Hyderabad are hot Indian cities where operational jobs an available in large numbers.

Academic Requirements:
To be a good Operations manager on should have a graduation degree in any discipline. Security companies prefer retired Officers from armed forces to be an operations manager. In many businesses the operation is highly technical, in such situations the companies prefer engineering graduates. Good communication and interpersonal skills are required to be successful operations managers. Physical energy is a requirement in many operations.

Career Ladder:
In most of the operations people start the career at early age of 22-25 years. Such people will be designated as:

Operations Executives
Operations Coordinator
Project Coordinator
Contract Administrators
Sales Operations Executives

Middle Management Positions
Manager Operations
Project Manager
Logistics Manager
Area Manager
Administration Managers
Electrical Operations Engineer
Flight Operations Manager
Logistics Operations Manager
Logistics Manager
Operations Lead
Real Time Operations Lead
Field Operations Manager
Project Engineer
Project Operations Officer
Unit Managers
Operation Support Analysts

Senior Positions
Director/Dy.Director - Operations
Director Flight Operations
Director - Electric Operations
President – Field Operations

Salary of personnel in Operation function varies from industry to industry, in banking, hotel and airline sectors the salaries are very high an in non business operations the salaries comparatively lower. A fresh graduate with good interpersonal and communications skill can earn anything between Rs.12000.00 to Rs.18000.00 in cities and between rs.8000.00 to 13000.00 in rural operations. Perks and other allowances are normally extra. In this job many companies prefer MBAs and offer much higher salaries for a fresher. For senior managers and above salary can be anything between 8 lacs and 20 lacs per annum.

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