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Technical project support jobs, also known as tech support jobs provide a range of services from providing computer hardware and software assistance and other electronic or mechanical products. It may well be
said that technical project support services are set up with the motive to help the user solve explicit problems with a product or service. To an extent, it is dedicated towards building up a more user-friendly approach, rather than sticking to just training and other support services. Increasing number of youngsters are showing interest in this profession and technical project support jobs in India are on the rise.

Most of the technical support associates work in sync with the technical team involved in the project.
Often, the support professionals provide technical support via different electronic media, such as the Internet, e-mail, web chat etc. Though, the use of telephones is more popular. Corporations and enterprises also offer internal tech support for employees and other associates.

Many technical support associates give a higher preference to the technical field. They are inclined towards pursuing a career as a part of the IT team of a call centre. One can specialize in the following areas: Application development, Systems administration, Networking, Maintenance and Telecom management

Salaries may well vary across the industry. Employers prefer candidates who are adequately skilled and have prior industry exposure. These factors play a key role I determining one’s salary. Joining as a technical support associate, a fresher can earn fat pay packets. There are a wide range of opportunities.

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