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Guwahati-ites, there is overall growth in the number and size of FMCG companies in the city. This growth in turn is translated in to job opportunities in all FMCG operations, but FMCG product sales jobs in particular. In recent years Guwahati household income has increased drastically, which led to increased spending on fast moving consumer products by people. When there is more buyers for FMCG products there should be corresponding increase in the production and distribution of products. This will automatically result in generation of jobs in any industry. Electronics and family entertainment product prices are steeply slashed in the recent years. This also resulted in increased number of sales jobs in FMCG.

No doubt, Guwahati and its suburbs were known for its consumerism and good spending on fast moving consumer products. Also, Guwahati is known for its consumer products manufacturing companies who cater for the demand of the other parts of the country. As a result there is great demand for sales professionals in FMCG industry of Guwahati.

FMCG companies in Guwahati generate thousands of job opportunities every year. It gives lot of hope for fresh graduates in Guwahati who qualify in the field of sales and marketing, fresh MBAs, BBA graduates and passouts in other disciplines.

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