FMCG Sales Jobs in India

Jobs in FMCG are very attractive as they offer good salary and tremendous growth prospects. There has been a tremendous increase in

FMCG Sales Jobs in India due to high population growth in the country combined with remarkable performance of this industry. Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry is the fourth largest sector in the nation's economy. This industry generally comprises Consumer Non Durable (CND) products and caters to many day-to-day human requirements.
Sales jobs in india in FMCG industry can vary from direct sales i.e. sales through one-to-one contact; industrial or professional sales i.e. selling from one business to another; or indirect sales i.e. telesales. Sales persons' performance level is calculated in proportion to the number of pieces sold by them. Sales representatives can find work in showrooms, company outlets or shopping malls. New hired sales representatives are given training, and the training can last for a couple of days.

Earlier, well performing persons could move up the ladder even without having a formal college degree. But these days a college degree adds to your profile as a sales person. However, capable and motivated employees are recognized and given administrative or supervisory positions in large organizations. FMCG sector is an ever growing sector and is currently in a boom. There are many well paying jobs in FMCG sector at various positions and that too in different cities and states. No doubt, for selling any product, one's intuitive and practical knowledge is what matters the most, yet formal education is also given some importance.

The qualities required are, tactfulness and patience to deal with people from all walks of life. The person should have ability to communicate clearly, ability to speak in more than one language, and above all, neat appearance is a must. Courtesy is yet another attribute required of a person, as the job is repetitive and customer oriented.

With the market flooded with plenty of products, customers find it difficult to decide upon a single product. Here comes the need of sales personnel who can help the customer locate the perfect product and convince him/her thereafter to purchase it. Sales jobs in FMCG industry is, hence, very important. The way in which a sales person interacts with a customer can influence the sales of a product. FMCG sector is poised for an ever-time high growth. offers you information on Sales Jobs in FMCG Industry. For more information on different job openings, navigate through our website. There are various management level jobs in FMCG sector as well. The best part is that the salary and perks are really good in FMCG sector.

Sales Jobs in FMCG Industry

Last Updated: 12/05/2015