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This page of Naukri Hub provides information on Telecom Jobs in Patna. With the boom of telecommunication facilities, telecom job opportunities in Patna have witnessed multifold increase. Telecom technology
development itself generates a lot of employment opportunities in Patna. Electronics and Telecommunication engineering is the single largest discipline witnessed boom in technical jobs in India. No doubt, Patna and its suburbs contributed to this growth. Whether it is person to person communication, business communication, banking network, rail, roadways and airways transportation, the telecom technology has brought to the people a lot. As a result there is great demand for Telecom jobs in India and abroad.
Telecom companies in Patna generate thousands of job opportunities every year. It gives lot of hope for fresh graduates in Patna who qualify in the field of telecom, electronics and telecommunications engineering. These Telecom companies of Patna require large number of telecom engineers, telecom software engineers and Telecom test engineers in the functional areas of Embedded software development, Analog Digital engineering technology, Telecom networking, Protocol, Chip Design Engineering, VLSI Software Testing. In the Patna Telecom companies there are Software Engineer jobs, Telecom software Engineers jobs, Quality / Test Engineer jobs, Product Manager job openings, Network Security Systems Specialist jobs, NMS Engineer jobs, Network Management specialists, Managers, UNIX Network Systems Operations Engineers, NMS Administrator jobs, Cisco Specialist Software Engineer etc.

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