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Delhi is not only the political capital of India. But, it has also grown to become the economic hub of the country. Delhi enjoys the highest per capital income in the country. Diverse industrial base that comprise both the traditional industries as well as the modern IT/ software industries has helped Delhi to become a rich city. The improved income situation in the country has helped in promoting the demand for goods produced in Delhi based companies.

The improved consumption power of consumers has further helped in promoting the export import business endeavors as well.

The Delhi software companies enjoy extensive international reach with its clientele.  Large availability of English speaking graduates and cheap labor have helped the BPO industry to flourish in India. Delhi and its surrounding areas, namely Noida and Gurgaon, prospered as the busiest BPO sectors of the country. Today thousands of graduates from across the country flock in the many BPO companies in Delhi. Following is a brief on industrial nature of Delhi

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Manufacturing Industry's Jobs Scenario in Delhi: Manufacturing is one of the major industries in Delhi. This union territory clearly enjoys cost advantages over the other commercial centers in India. Over the years the manufacturing industry in Delhi has enjoyed tremendous growth with a spurt of many production units in an around Delhi.

Manufacturing units in Delhi enjoy large availability of raw material and skilled but cheap labor, easy accessibility to the other parts of the country and huge demand in domestic and international market. Some of the manufacturing industry is Delhi are:

  • Electrical and electronics
  • Consumer durables
  • Home appliances
  • Leather
  • Metal and mineral
  • Pants and machinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gem and jewelry

FMCG Company's Jobs Scenario in Delhi: According to the market experts the FMCG industry has shown solidarity even during the troubled time of global recession. The employment rate in the FMCG industries in Delhi is likely to stay strong and employees may see significant hikes in their salary checks. Some of the top FMCG companies in Delhi are:

  • Vinytics Peripherals Pvt Ltd
  • Virdi Electric Works Pvt Ltd
  • Ventura Lighting & Infratech Ltd
  • Visa Electronics India Pvt Ltd
  • Wrigley India Pvt Ltd

Service industries in Delhi: Being the political headquarter of the country Delhi enjoys significant opportunities in the service sector. Also, Delhi being the capital of India during Mughal and British era attracts many tourists to its historical sites. Hotel and hospitality industry is therefore a booming sector in this place. Along with, Delhi enjoys a robust foreign exchange market throughout the year- helping the financial sector to grow. Further, as the capital city of the country Delhi enjoys easy communication to both domestic and international locations. This has promoted the aviation industry here. The most prominent service industries of Delhi are:

  • Finance and banking
  • Information technology
  • Media
  • Aviation and transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Tourism

BPO industry's Jobs Scenario in Delhi: Delhi has enjoyed an unprecedented growth in the BPO industry.   Thousands of English speaking graduates are now finding jobs in the many BPO companies of Delhi. The natures of these companies vary from offering sales and after sales services, online trouble shooting, back office support, data entry services to more complex operational jobs, and legal process outsourcing services.  Some of the top BPO companies in Delhi are:

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  • Daksh eServices (now acquired by IBM)
  • EXL Service
  • Xansa Plc
  • iEnergizer
  • Integreon
  • Cognizant
  • vCustomer
  • HCL Technologies BPO

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Software industry's Jobs Scenario in Delhi: Delhi is also a favorite place for software development. Software companies in Delhi are offering extensive career options to young engineering graduates. Some of the top software companies in Delhi are:

  • ABO Software Pvt Ltd 
  • Accent Consulting
  • Accenture Services Pvt Ltd 
  • Amadeus India Pvt Ltd 
  • Bharti Telesoft Ltd. 
  • BT India Pvt Ltd 
  • Bentley Systems India Pvt Ltd 
  • Cellnext Solutions Ltd 
  • CMC Limited 

The current job scenario in Delhi

Market experts have predicted a robust employment rate in Delhi and NCR. Some of the industries expected to enjoy commendable growth rate are: retail chain businesses, construction, real estate, power and telecommunications.  The employment index is expected to go up by 5% in the city. Hiring in oil and gas, auto, construction, pharmaceutical and insurance is likely to see significant improvement and the senior management level will experience a talent crunch, which will further promote job creation. The recruitment in the BPO sector will remain steady.

Last Updated: 03/02/2014