Scope of Jobs in Noida

Jobs in Noida provides insight into various jobs in different sectors of the industry. Noida is a city with major industries of India like Escorts, Honda-SIEL New Holland Tractors, Fiserv, ALSTOM, ISGEC, LG, Samsung, and T-series. Noida generates a lot of employment opportunities contributing to the employment and

industrial development of the region and earns good revenue for the government through different taxes Noida has many offices of news channels like Zee News, NDTV, IBN, CNBC and many more. Noida is situated near New Delhi and thus, news channels find it very convenient to have their offices in Noida.Commercial activities have also risen in recent years, with a sudden spate of new malls and multiplexes. Job opportunities in Noida are growing with various jobs in BPO, IT and ITES sectors. There are various jobs like software and hardware development jobs, Medical jobs, Nursing Jobs, Teaching Jobs and Research jobs in Noida.

Many other companies have their Indian branch offices in Noida, because of the Special Economic Zone, the suburban atmosphere in Noida and its proximity to Delhi. Noida also has the head office of the Software Technology Park, established by the Government of India to promote the software industry.

Last Updated: 26/01/2014