New Policy for Discarding Old Car Soon to be Launched by Center


The central government is planning on the policy, which will have incentive to discard the old car. According to Union Road Transport and Highway Minister, they are working on a new policy to encourage people to discard the old car. This will also provide benefit to the government in increasing their tax revenue. He also said, they will process the old car in the industrial … [Read more...]

Salaries of MPs Recommended to Double: Parliamentary Panel


A parliamentary panel has recommended around 60 recommendation, which are to double the salary of  MPs and increase the pension of the former MPs by 75%. They have also recommended to an automatic pay revision of mechanism for MPs like pay commission is for government employees. Last revision in the salary of MPs was happened 2010 and the dearness allowance (DA) was also not … [Read more...]

Women Make History in IIM Kozhikode

Women IIM Kozhikode

This year, graduates, and women especially, at IIM Kozhikode have definitely more to cheer for. The premier B-school created history by rolling out the largest percentage of women as graduates - as compared to any other top B-school in India. In the batch that graduated this year, out of the 348 students, 200 were women. The second and third rank holders and the best … [Read more...]

NITI Aayog will Pay 36% Higher for Young Professionals with the Age Limit of 32


Policy think-tank, NITI Aayog has now decided to pay 36% higher salary for the young professionals. They had capped the age limit to 32 years. To attract the best talented young professionals to contribute in policy making in this think-tank, which has replaced Planning Commission. As per the guideline of NITI Aayog, the salary of young professional is in the bracket of Rs … [Read more...]

Digital India is Great to Attract FDI: Vedanta Group Chairman


‘Digital India’ is a great initiative by prime minister Narendra Modi. According to the tweet of Vedanta Group’s chairman, Anil Agarwal, Digital India will help country attract FDI, which would increase the employment opportunities. This is the great step taken to transform India into digitally empowered society. The Digital India week will be inaugurated today by PM … [Read more...]

CSR of Aditya Birla Group Launched Women Empowerment Programme


Aditya Birla Group’s unit, Aditya Aluminium Company has launched a women empowerment programme in the district of Odisha, Sambalpur. The initiative taken by CSR is to promote self help groups (SHGs) and help the rural women for starting venture like phenyl production, poultry farming and tailoring. According to COO of Aditya Aluminium, they are concerned for welfare of women … [Read more...]

Optimistic Market Sentiments have Improved Job Market in BFSI


Improved market sentiments have increased the optimism in job market in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector. A survey conducted by Sapphire Human Solution with revealed that the top and mid level employees of BFSI sector are expecting higher job opportunities in their sector. According to the Ankit Bansal, founder of Sapphire Human … [Read more...]

Infrastructure Sector has Shown Improvement this Year


Infrastructure sector performance in the last year was not satisfactory, but the conditions have improved in the fiscal year 2014-15. According to the Ministry of Statistics and programme Implementation,  major areas which have shown improvement are fertilizer, refinery, goods traffic carried by railway, cargo handling at major ports, airports and net addition in telephone … [Read more...]

More than 10% Hike this Year in the Salaries by Indian Companies


This year India has experienced more than 10% hike in salaries. According to the latest report by Tower Watson 2015-16, Indian companies have increased the salary of their employees by 10.8% in 2015. The increment in the salary in India  is highest in Asia Pacific. The salary hike in countries like Indonesia, China and Philippines is  9.5%, 8.6% and 6.7%, respectively. Whereas, … [Read more...]

Banned Maggi Production Affected 1500 Workers


Maggi crisis has lead to the production of the Maggi to stop. This impacted not only the company revenue, but also the workers. Around 1500 workers are involved in producing maggi which are impacted by the ban on the production. The Company has not fired any of the employees but trying redeploy them. Not only the Nestle workers, supplier was also affected by this crisis. … [Read more...]

IBPS is Planning to Conduct Preliminary Examination for Public Sector Banks


Getting job in public sector bank is now getting tougher from this year. Nodal selection body is now introducing three layers for hiring. The step taken by the company is to eliminate non serious candidates. Another known reason for this is to prevent impersonation. Three phases includes preliminary examination, written and interview. Score of this preliminary will not be … [Read more...]

IT Employers Like to Hire More Women to Fill Gender Gap


Big IT Companies are preferring to hire more women in technical role. These companies are more likely to fill the gender gap, which is increasing persistently. The companies which have such strategies are Google, Capgemini and Tech Mahindra. Gender diversity has been increasing in IT companies. In Capgemini, the diversity ratio has increased. In 2015, it is 26% in comparison … [Read more...]

Delhi’s Sanitation Worker Return to Work After 12 Days Strike for Salary Delay


Delhi Sanitation worker has ended the strike on Friday after the announcement of Lieutenant Governor for releasing Rs 493 for their salary. The financial crisis in Municipal Corporation of Delhi have led to insufficient balance of cash to pay the salary of sanitation workers. The amount released by central government is to cope with crisis and able to pay salary of sanitation … [Read more...]

Ravi Shastri can be the highest Paid Cricket Coach


Former Indian cricketer and director of Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri can be appointed as the highest paid cricket coach in the world. The salary of Ravi Shastri will be Rs 7 crore annually for this assignment. This news can be announced at the end of Bangladesh tour of Indian cricket team. According to cricket board of India, they are looking for new coach after their … [Read more...]

Fixed Component of Salary Increased by Wipro


Wipro has raised the fixed component of employees at mid and junior level and reduced the variable components. Company has reduced the quarterly performance linked compensation (QPLC), where they have increased the fixed components. QPLC of junior level employees of band B1 and B2 has reduced from 10% and 12% of CTC to 5% and 7.5% of CTC respectively. For Mid level employees … [Read more...]

Salary of Sanitation Worker Released by Delhi Govt


Financial crisis in Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) had led to delay the salary of sanitation workers. This made them to protest for 10 days, till the government announced to release their salary. The protest had resulted to the trashing of garbage on the streets of Delhi. According to the workers, their salaries have been due for two months and the same created … [Read more...]

Nestle would Take Time to Recover from Maggi Controversy


Maggi controversy has done a great damage to not only the revenue of the Nestle but also great damage to the goodwill of the company. Maggi contributed about 20-30% to the total sale of Nestle. The average monthly sale is estimated to be Rs 200 crore. According to the analyst, Prabhudas Lilladher, Amnish Aggarwal and Gaurav Jogani, the Nestle India recovery will be a long … [Read more...]

Line of Credit to Dhaka will Create 50 Thousand Jobs in India


PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh is expected to create more jobs opportunities in India. Line of credit given to Dhaka of $ 2 billion by government of India is expected to create 50,000 jobs in India. This is assumed to provide big boost to Make in India drive. Credit given by government of India at subsidised rate from agencies like Exim Bank. The conditions are … [Read more...]

Five Lakh IT Security Professional Required by 2015


Increased internet users and growing economy put questions on the cyber security. To cope up with this situation, India need 5,00,000 IT security professionals by the end of 2015. The demand for professionals has been estimated by Union Ministry of Information Technology. There is big gap estimated between the demand of IT security professionals and available one. Average … [Read more...]

Five Thousand Jobs will be Created by Shell in Bangaluru


Shell, the biggest global energy company is going to set up its largest captive units. This will create more than 5000 jobs in the city. In the first phase, Shell has signed a 3,90,000 sq feet space in RMZ Eco World, which will be occupied by April 2016. And by 2018, the company will take up 8,00,000 sq. feet to provide IT support to the business vertical. Shell has chosen … [Read more...]