Delhi startup hiring surpass Bangalore

According to the data of, startup hiring for the month of March has been the highest in Delhi. It’s even higher than Bangalore. Total share of Delhi in new hiring was 56% for the same month, where the Bangalore bagged only 19 % of the total share. Mumbai followed it by having 19% of the total startup hiring. In Delhi NCR, Gurgaon was on the top with 69% of Delhi NCR  hiring. Delhi NCR is becoming IT hub, which attracts businesses especially in tech and info. This has impacted the demand of IT professionals of mid level career.

Other Top Headlines 

  • PaperTap, a mobile based grocery is planning to increase his team to 500 people within 3 months.
  • March witnessed 18% growth in hiring and telecom & IT absorbed the large chunk:
  • Manufacturing sector has shown 4% growth in demand for technology specialist in last three month:
  • Mayawati has asked the MPs and MLAs to donate one month salary to farmers instead of government fund.


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