This year, graduates, and women especially, at IIM Kozhikode have definitely more to cheer for. The premier B-school created history by rolling out the largest percentage of women as graduates – as compared to any other top B-school in India.

In the batch that graduated this year, out of the 348 students, 200 were women. The second and third rank holders and the best all-round performer were also women, proving a point that women are definitely moving ahead towards making a successful career for themselves.

This positive news has given ambitious women of the country a great sense of confidence that they do have the edge that industry demands in the future.

Women IIM Kozhikode
A silver lining for talented women

Today, there are only a few women CEOs in top companies but such achievements are an indicator that in the years to come, many more companies will witness women in the top positions. Since the year 2010, the number of women in IIMs is gradually rising, creating a ray of hope for intelligent and career-oriented women. This historical event marks a significant turning point for our country’s female population. It will act as a motivation for youngsters to fulfil their dreams and not let gender inequalities cause obstacles in their success.

What the men have to say

When women are making news, it is natural to wonder about the men’s side of the story. Men at IIM Kozhikode are positive about the increase in the number of women in colleges. They believe that this adds to diversity in the college culture and will lead a conducive atmosphere in the workplace. Male students are also learning to be gender sensitive so that they can advance better in the corporate world and give equal opportunities for women to progress. This is another admirable step for women who are entering in the corporate world.

What lies ahead for these women?

As more companies are now looking to hire women across different management levels, women graduating from top B-schools have a chance to reach the top management of organisations if they have a clear focus and dedicated goals. There are now extensive opportunities for women to succeed in different sectors like medicine, natural science, architecture, finance, e-commerce, education, telecom, healthcare, marketing and others. The India Inc’s endorsement of IIMs gender-diversity initiatives is a good sign for prospective women students who want to achieve phenomenal success in their careers.

What is the salary scope after IIMs

All students of IIM Kozhikode were offered jobs within 10 days during their college placements. The average salary was 15.22 lakhs per annum while the highest domestic salary was 29.5 lakhs per annum as per the IIM-K Placement Summary.

There was a 13% rise in the number of offers with 36% new recruiters this year at IIM-K. As per the Times of India, there is a 38 percent rise in salaries since last year. IIM-K has always been a trendsetter and with the largest number of women graduates, they have again done exceptionally well in promoting gender diversity. In accordance with this diversity, Citibank has launched the Citi Women’s Leadership Programme and Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan have introduced a Women’s Mentorship Programme amongst many others. As per a research by, the average salary for women ranges between Rs 587,228 – Rs 2,042,889 while the average for men is between ₹ 6,00,000 – ₹ 25,00,000 across all IIMs.

The corporate world embraces bright women

With more and more women graduating from top B-Schools, women have a better than ever chance to capture the corporate world. Leading IIMs are also taking initiatives to enrol more women students in order to deliver better professionals in the corporate world. IIMs of Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta were reported to have an intake of 20.8, 26.8 and 23.3 percent of women respectively in the batch of 2015.

The admission process at IIMs is slightly tweaked in order to promote female students. IIM-K has given 5 extra points to women candidates for the interview call. After this step, the further admission process was entirely on merit. IIM Calcutta, Udaipur and Rohtak also award extra marks to women candidates in order to ease gender inequality in their institutes.

Many companies are now welcoming women employees and creating women-friendly policies as well. This makes it easier for women employees to balance their home and work life and succeed just like their gender counterparts. Various different industries are offering excellent packages and job titles to talented women, giving them an opportunity to break the traditional gender inequality at top levels. There is also a huge global market open for women graduates in American and European countries. Women are now extremely close to getting paid as much as men and ruling the top management posts in various companies. The result of IIM Kozhikode is definitely a positive step for all ambitious women out there!