Overseas Jobs

Overseas jobs continue to be dream option for many in all times. Aside from the US and the UK, countries like Singapore, Canada, and the UAE offer a number of lucrative job opportunities for Indian citizens. Engineers in the various fields, professionals with expertise in SAP solutions, PHP web developers, and hotel management are quite in demand and are paid well too.

Sometimes developing countries with vast pool of manpower back home resort to recruit foreign talent for wand of sophisticated skills. There are countries with limited population growth but other resources in abundance, so that they need to exploit and utilize the resources for the betterment of the countrymen and financial upper hand among international communities. Such countries essentially depend on overseas manpower for its project operations.

To be able to apply for jobs in most countries outside India, the candidates need to be at least graduates in their respective fields. However this is only by convention and there is no set rule for the same. Aside from the qualifications, the candidate must also have a working visa permit of the country where he/she wants to work.

Know Various Jobs in Middle East for Indians

As far as jobs are concerned, the gulf countries are extremely promising and have lots of job opportunities. There are a variety of fields in which suitable employment can be found and some such fields have been listed below:

  • Mechanical Engineering jobs
  • Electronics and Electrical jobs
  • Mapping and GIS jobs
  • Marketing and Advertising jobs
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering jobs
  • Healthcare jobs
  • Oil and gas jobs
  • Financial services jobs
  • Aviation and Aerospace jobs
  • Chemical Engineering jobs
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals jobs
  • Industrial Goods and Services jobs
  • Media and Publishing jobs
  • Nursing jobs
  • Real Estate jobs
  • Construction and Maintenance jobs
  • Information Technology jobs
  • Sales and Marketing jobs
  • Cost controller jobs
  • Senior lab technician jobs

Grabbing a lucrative job offer overseas continues to be the dream of many. While some prefer transcending boundaries for the sheer will to earn better salaries, for many a foreign destination itself spells the challenges of a new life that they are willing to be a part of. While the US and the UK have always been preferred by job seekers, the emergence of gulf countries is a recent phenomenon. The favorable exchanges between India and these foreign countries have ensured that Indians each year can migrate in numbers to these countries for professional reasons and are rewarded with peaceful stay and other benefits. The exceptionally talented pool of young Indians have for years contributed to the major foreign industries. Let us find out more about them:

Know Best Overseas Recruitment Agents in India

Best Overseas Job Destinations for Indians at Present

Interestingly enough it seems that some of the new choices on the block have clearly replaced giants like the US as favorite overseas job destinations. Which are these countries and why are they so successful in emerging as the leading job destinations across the globe? Let us find out before elaborating on the scope and salaries of jobs in foreign countries.

  • China: Much ahead of all Asian countries in asserting its dominance over world economy, China clearly leads the pack when it comes to being the favorite among foreign job destinations at present. Permanent residents can earn something less than around $2, 00,000 every year.
  • Singapore with some of the best career prospects up for the grabs and the elevated standards of living has emerged as a hot favorite among aspirants looking for work outside India.
  • New Zealand is primarily touted as one of the leading nations to offer the best work-life balance to its workers.
  • Saudi Arabia and Egypt have especially made a mark among youngsters for the financial wealth they offer.
  • Dubai is known for providing teaching and nursing jobs to expats offering great salaries along with a tax friendly environment.

Know Overseas Oil & Gas Jobs for Indians

With each passing day it is getting increasingly difficult to restrict the scope overseas jobs for Indians. With newer horizons and ways of earning money being discovered every day, the foreign countries are opening up their doors to expats who can fulfill their needs. However some of the popular overseas jobs for Indians are listed below:

  • Engineers
  • PHP Developers
  • Hotel Management
  • Professors
  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Oil and Petroleum
  • SAP professionals
  • Doctors

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