Banking and investment sector is a leading industry in Bahrain. Bahrain has itself established as the global Islamic banking hub in the Gulf region. The economy of Bahrain attracts local and.

international investment institutions with great returns for the capital investment. The growing Bahrain banking and finance sector contributes to the banking and investment sector job boom in Bahrain. The Bahrain banks and investment companies offer employment opportunities to various profiles in the senior and junior management levels.


Central bank of Bahrain is a corporate institution established under statute to maintain monetary and financial stability in the Kingdom of Bahrain. the bank is responsible to give monetary policy framework, exchange rate policy, official interest rates, cash reserve requirements, commercial banking operations, foreign exchange reserve management, to carry out financial and regulatory functions, etc.
Careers with Central bank of Bahrain
The Central bank of Bahrain recruits fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals in all business, operational and technical activities with cutting edge skills. The bank offers stimulating workplace ambience enriched with privileged feeling reflecting the role of the bank.

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BNP Paribas Bank Bahrain is one of the largest international banking corporations in Bahrain, which has been playing key role in banking and investment sector in the Gulf region based from Manama, Bahrain. The bank provides services in to retail banking, which include French retail banking and international retail banking and financial services, corporate and investment banking, asset management services that include wealth and asset management, insurance and securities services.

Careers with BNP Paribas, Bahrain

BNP Paribas is one of the leading banking corporations that offer a world of financial expertise for individual and business. BNP is high in service quality and variety of products, to give further boosting to its growing and varied tradition the bank is looking for quality innovative professionals who can serve the customers with international standards. BNP Paribas offers personalized career opportunity in a wide range of activities and profession. To apply for a position of your choice, kindly browse through the company link.
Tameer is a rapidly expanding company specializing in the fields of real estate investment, advisory and property development. Al Khaleej Development company’s operations include Project Management, Property management and Real Estate Advisory. As a fast growing company.

Careers with Tameer

Tameer is constantly seeking qualified and experienced professionals who are specialists in real estate jobs, property, investment jobs, to join its team. If you are interested in the environment Tameer offers, please send your resume along with a cover letter mentioning our skills, knowledge, experiences and personal attributes on how you can contribute to the ongoing success of Al Khaleej Development Company. Please email your resume to:

SICO Investment Bank is a securities & investment company providing investment banking services in the Gulf region with particular emphasis to Bahrain. SICO Investment Bank is targeting to emerge as a leading securities house offering range of investing services including asset management and brokerage in the Gulf region.

Careers with Sico Investment Bank

SICO is a leading business house in the finance and investment banking services sector of Bahrain. To further its business synergies in the financial market the company is looking for qualified professionals in all operational and non-operational areas. If you think you are a fine fit at SICO work atmosphere please apply with your resume.

HSBC Bahrain is part of HSBC Group under the corporate entity of HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, which is the most widely represented bank i9n the Middle East. HSBC Bahrain has many prestigious awards and recognitions to its credit as a banking institution which serves both individual and corporate customers.

Careers with HSBC Bahrain

HSBC Bank Bahrain offers the best opportunity its staff to realize their best potentials and reward individuals for performance. HSBC offers job opportunities in Personal Financial Services, Financial Planning, Corporate Banking, Trade Services, Treasury, Information Technology and Human Resources.

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Gulf Finance House is the regional leader in Islamic Finance with great entrepreneurial, creative, innovative and technically capable people in the organization.

Careers with Gulf finance House

Gulf Finance House believes that the success of the bank is dependant on its methods in choosing the best talents-its best asset. GFH invites people to explore numerous opportunities with one of the most reputed investment banks in the Gulf region.

The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait aims to become the financial heart of the Middle East. The BBK provide state of the art services that include e-Banking, internet tele-banking, internet retail banking, internet corporate banking, sms banking, retail banking services including inward remittance and collaborations, loans, NRI banking, corporate banking including long-term finance, trade finance and working capital finances.

Careers with Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

BBK is always seeking talented people to join who can contribute to the growth of the bank.