Welcome to the Information Technology Jobs section which is the most emergent and the fastest growing job field in Bahrain. Information and Communication Technology is such as sector that offers many-fold advancement in one’s career leap. Information and Communication

Technology is in its nascent stage in Bahrain and hence bears all possibilities of growth and prosperity of IT and software professionals in the country.

Indian IT professionals being recognized among the best in the world find various suitable jobs in many national and multinational companies in Bahrain. Bahraini software and IT companies are actively conducting recruitment drives to attract the best IT professionals to work for them.

The Government of Kingdom of Bahrain has also liberated the employment of professionals for Information Technology domain. Bahrain is now home to many reputed IT firms and global IT giants of the world which offer the best of services to other dependent sectors of the industry in the Gulf region. Bahrain is going to further experience the boom in this sector and IT and software professionals willing to work for the Bahrain IT companies are sure to witness a better future.


Arimaan Global Consulting (AGC) is among the giant business groups in Bahrain that is engaged in a variety of services such as IT Consulting, Systems Design & Integration, Multimedia Services, Application Development, BPO and Infrastructure Outsourcing in various business domains such as Telecommunication, Media, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Hospitality. Arimaan is a recognized name in IT solution provider in Bahrain that provides different application development services such as Application Migration, Application Enhancement, Custom Application Development and Application Outsourcing.


Arimaan is one of the reputed IT giant in Bahrain that focuses on the development of its employees in a way to grow their caliber, capacity and concept to achieve the overall objective in a mutually benefiting manner. The company invites IT professionals to join the organization to further its dreams and objectives. Individuals interested in joining Arimaan may forward their resume to careers@arimaan.com.


Business Communications Services (BCS) is one of the fastest growing companies offering services in Information and Communication technology that is engaged in consultancy, installation, design, operation, maintenance and support of information and telecommunication networks. Other activities that the company is involved in are Information Technology Services, Satellite & Wireless Solutions, Cabling Infrastructure, Voice & Data Networks, Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Business Solutions, Security Solutions, Service Level Agreements and Annual Maintenance Contracts.


Business Communications Services invites experienced IT specialists to join the organization as Wireless Engineer, Implementation Supervisor, Wireless Technician, Communications Technician, AutoCAD Draftsman and Quality Assurance Engineer. Candidates may visit the above link to know more about the jobs with BCS and forward their resume to hr@bcs.bh.