The government of the Kingdom of Bahrain ensures that all possible measures are taken to provide healthcare support to the population of the kingdom. Bahrain hospitals are well equipped with modern medical equipments of international standards complying with state of the art.

technology. The improved Bahrain medical service necessitates a good patient-medical professional ratio. Bahrain hospitals offer lucrative career opportunities t qualified and capable medical professionals. There is good in-take of doctors and nurses in the Bahrain hospitals every year. Bahrain hospitals offer jobs specialist doctors, surgeons, paediatritians, gynaecologists, dentists, nurses, nursing sisters and tutors. The Bahrain government and private hospitals offer employment opportunities to people from various countries from Asian, African and European continents.

Bahrain Defense Force Royal Medical Services

Bahrain Defense Force Royal Medical Services is established to provide excellent medical support to Bahrain Defense Forces, Bahrain Royal Court employees and maintains emergency and cardiac services to all Bahrain nationals. B.D.F Military Hospital is the second largest hospital in Bahrain. It provides international standard medical care to all patients treated there with a modern clinical infrastructure and highly trained medical staff. The hospital offers employment opportunities to qualified nationals expatriates in the fields such as Medical, Nursing, Support, Technical, Engineering and Paramedical.

Bahrain Specialist Hospital

Bahrain Specialist Hospital is a highly specialized medical centre that provides medical services by highly experienced consultants and specialists using the latest technologies and medical equipment system. BSH currently offers various positions in medical, nursing, administration and paramedical departments.

Scope of Jobs in International Hospital of Bahrain

The IHB is the first private Medical Centre of Bahrain. Over 20 years the hospital evolved as a major Community Hospital. IHB is a non-profit organization that returns all leftover resources to charity work as well as for upgrading services and equipments for the service of the community.

How to Apply for the Jobs in Bahrain

Online Application – Fill in the online application form. Prospective members of the families of the hospital staff are encouraged to apply through this method.

Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Bahrain

The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Bahrain works t improve the health of the people of Bahrain and ensures that everyone has access to high quality health service throughout their lifetime. The Ministry, in addition to its core functions of hospital services, health education, regulating drug prices, Birth and death registration and certification and immunization, also provides medical aid to Hajj pilgrims. The main Hospitals of the MOH are: Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) and Periphery Hospitals.