In this page we have tried to acquaint you with one of the ever growing and challenging job field i.e. sales and marketing jobs in Bahrain. Bahrain is an important business hub of the gulf region,
with many companies engaged in production, distribution and export activities. This country offers tremendous opportunities for sales and marketing professionals to work for the top rated companies in the country.

Several companies in Bahrain are engaged in production and marketing of FMCG goods, consumer electronics, consumer durables, industrial goods and other sectors. This growth in industrialization in the country has created conducive environment for marketing and sales professionals to promote their products.

As Bahrain experiences a cosmopolitan business environment filled with many foreign corporate houses and business giants, a growing demand for multiple skilled, English speaking sales and marketing professionals is realized. Sales and Marketing has always been an ever growing job field that provides prosperity both in one’s profession and personal life. This field is not only associated with a handsome salary but also other financial rewards in terms of incentives, perks and target related bonus. In Bahrain there is a very good prospect for employment of efficient and self motivated sales and marketing professionals in various cadres in these organizations.

Those who wish to establish as a successful sales and marketing professional in Bahraini organizations engaged in related activities are definitely going to be benefited by this page. Check out for different top ranked organizations in Bahrain those offer various sales, promotion and marketing related employments in the following links.

Alzayani Investments

Alzayani Investments is among the fastest growing companies in The Kingdom of Bahrain that operates and handles various businesses such as automotives, manufacturing, health care and real estate. The company has a firm hold on the Bahrain as well as other gulf countries with its wide network of sales team, products and services. The company implements all the modern technologies available to gain international competitive edge in the global business scenario. Alzayani has strong and dedicated teams of accounts, audit, HR, IT, Legal and Marketing professionals who continuously put efforts to strengthen the position of the company in the gulf region.

Jobs With Alzayani

Alzayani offers lucrative job opportunities as Marketing and Sales professionals to support its diversified business activities. Interested individuals may contact the Human Resource department of the company at