Jobs with Internet have two different meanings. One is that of making Internet technology products such as a website, software in the web platform, graphic presentations, multimedia products for web,

creative animation for entertainment and educating, mass emailing solutions, etc. The other job in Internet is data typing, data processing, information feeding for use of others, the utilization of Internet products, web, etc. In the information technology era new business has boomed that give great scope for convenient living and boost of productivity. Also, Corporates across most sectors in the conventional world of industry see the information availability as the lifeblood for survival in the face of competition.

With this understanding they have acquired this essential strength and it enabled these companies to survive in stiff competitive environment. Internet enables these corporates to get the row information entered and processed for specific uses. The preconditions for this is an infrastructure equipped with internet technology and its essentials, such as quality telecom network, hardware, networking, etc. as well as viable manpower to work on it. Dubai is one such location qualified with both. The Internet technology jobs of Dubai listed here vary from freelance project assignments to full-time jobs and encompass a range of technical skills such as Programming, Web Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, Webmaster, SEO, Software Architecture, Database Administration, Testing/QA, Network and System Administration, Technical Writing, Hardware/Tech Support and the related. Internet jobs are available in Dubai’s sprawling technology savvy enclosures such as Dubai Internet City, Net-Com Dubai, other global Internet software giant corporations such as Microsoft, Yahoo,, etc, either offer jobs or help generating job opportunities across sectors. Naukri hub gives information on Internet and Digital technology jobs and data processing career opportunities in Dubai.

Dubai Internet City (DIC)

The Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone is a fully self funded autonomous organization responsible to manage the three knowledge-industry clusters:- Dubai Internet city for information and communication technology companies, Dubai Media City for media companies and Knowledge Village for knowledge focused companies.

Dubai Internet City is the strategic and cost effective business platform for information and communications technology companies aiming to tap potential of the emerging markets from all over the world. Dubai Internet city has grown up to feature a dynamic international community of

ICT companies including global giants like Microsoft, Cisco Systems, IBM, HP, Dell, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, CA, PeopleSoft and Sony Ericsson. The member companies comprises from various sectors such as Software Development, Business Services, Web Based and e-Commerce, Consultancy, Sales and Marketing and Back Office. The Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone was established to transform Dubai in to a knowledge economy. The zone is the world’s largest fully managed free zone for knowledge-based companies.


Net-Com is the IT Division of Secretarial & Business Co,LLC Dubai. The IT services of the company include Web services, Software Development & Consultancy and Computer training. Web services of the company include domain name registration, web page designing, hosting, E-Commerce solutions, etc.