Dubai is one of the most preferred career destinations for qualified and registered Nurses from India and other countries supply nursing manpower. Dubai hospitals offer attractive living conditions, salaries, benefits including generous leave and leave time air travel

ticket to and from the country of recruitment, free accommodation, medical insurance and end of contract payment.

This page of Naukri hub concentrate on Nurse jobs in Dubai Hospitals. On this page, we have tried to list all the relevant Nurse Jobs jobs in Dubai’s various urban and rural hospitals as well as other UAE Emirates. On this site you will get information of Hospital Nurse jobs in Dubai, in particular, jobs for Indian Nurse in Dubai and employment of Nurses, Nurses placement, Ward Nurse, Anesthetic Nurse, Auxiliary Nurse,

ICU Nurse, Midwife, Outpatient Nurse, Recovery Nurse, Sister, Staff Nurse, Theatre Nurse, Ward Nurse in Dubai. There is big demand for cardio thoracic nurses, endoscopy nurses, Midwife, Medical & Surgical nurses, Home care Nurse, Pediatric nurse, Diabetic Nurse, Paramedic, Discharge planning Nurse, and many other specializations. To secure employment in Dubai, Registered Nurses should get their degrees/ diplomas authenticated by UAE Embassy in the country in which the certificate is issued. B.Sc Nursing Degree, Diploma in General Nursing, Diploma in Midwifery Certificate, Nursing License, Transcripts, Copy of professional Board Registration Certificates – If not in English to get it officially translated, should be produced for employment permit in Dubai.

Nursing Jobs in Dubai Salary

Before moving further to which are the hospitals where you can apply, you would be curious to know what salary would you get as a nurse. If you want to grow your career as a nurse, then you have made a great choice. Talking in terms of Salary, some organizations even provide Tax Free Salary, Free Flights, Medical Cover, Annual Return Flights,Accomodation Allowance,Utilities Allowance, 40 Day Annual Leave which sums upto a good amount. Although the Salary varies as per your certifications and experiences in the field but it varies from $70,000 USD to $190,000 USD annually again depending upon experience.

Some Reputed Hospitals For Nursing Jobs in Dubai

The American Hospital Dubai

The American Hospital Dubai is a high quality acute care, general medical and surgical hospital to provide health care that will exceed the expectations of the people of Dubai. The hospital is the first in the Middle East to get accreditation by the Joint Commission International Accreditation. The College of American Pathologists accredits the hospital’s Medical Laboratory. The hospital offermedical and nursing cares and selective tertiary services such as joint replacement, heart, cancer and diabetes. The American Hospital promotes a multinational culture with medical and nursing staff from several countries of the world. The hospital’s staff maintains high professional ethics and are service oriented. The hospital offers many benefits in addition to attractive tax free salary, such as outstanding expatriate benefit packages, free insurance, medical insurance, children educational benefits, furnished accommodation, free utilities, etc. American Hospital is a learning organization. One of the main strengths of the hospital is its talented work force. The American Hospital Dubai continually addresses the training and development needs of its people.

Belhoul Speciality Hospital, Dubai

Belhaul Hospital strives to be the most advanced and internationally recognized multi-speciality hospital in the Middle East. The hospital provides high quality health services in a personalized environment with a combination of affiliation to leading medical and nursing institutions, high caliber and highly skilled manpower, and the latest medical technology. Belhaul Hospital offers a rewarding career in healthcare. The hospital offers more than a job with flexible schedules, competitive benefits and supportive work environment. If you are interested for a career with Belhaul Hospital Dubai, mail your cv to

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Welcare Hospital, Dubai

Welcare Hospital is Dubai’s premier multi-speciality critical care private hospital, managed by a team of internationally qualified and experienced healthcare professionals, and supported by state of the art technology. The hospital offers a complete range of medical and surgical specialities, and serves the patients with the highest standard of care. The vision of Welcare Hospital is excellence in medical care, and with this aim the hospital is in search of world-class medical and nursing professionals. Welcare Hospital offers attractive tax free salary and other benefits such as housing accommodation, transportation, hospital health insurance, annual leave, sick leave, gratuity, return air ticket from the country of recruitment and five and half day work schedule.

International Private Hospital, Dubai

International Private Hospital is Dubai’s first private hospital. The hospital is well staffed with high caliber international healthcare professionals. The services of IPH include general medicine and paediatric units providing leading-edge facilities to the patients. International Private Hospital is constantly upgrading its staff force with internationally qualified and highly skilled personnel. Nursing and Medical professionals from various countries come and work here. In pursuit of excellence in healthcare facilities with great quality, the hospital is looking to recruit Nursing professionals.

In a very short period of time Dubai has emerged as one of the most desirable job destinations across the globe. In fact at present it can be safely said that it is one of the leading countries to absorb expats on a regular basis— be it in the corporate, education or healthcare or any other prominent sector. We on this page are exclusively highlighting the scope of nursing jobs in Dubai—their salaries, scope and growth.

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Scope of Nursing Jobs in Dubai

With particular emphasis on sustenance and betterment of its health sector Dubai is constantly on the lookout for trained nurses who have fairly decent opportunities in hospitals, individual practices, emergency rooms, midwifery, schools, companies, pediatric departments, etc. Duly trained and experienced nurses are also employed by dentists. You can end up with a profile of nursing manager or director or nursing assistant director as well.

Specialists in OR, general, ICU also have excellent work opportunities.

Dubai Nurse Salaries

Several factors determine how a nurse will end up being paid in Dubai, and they are:

  • Passport
  • Nationality
  • Citizenship
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Origin of degree or certification
  • Experience
  • License from the Department of Health

Talking about figures, in the recent past the average salary of DOH nurses stood something between 800 US dollars to 5000 US dollars per month.

A preschool or nursery nurse could enjoy monthly salaries of AED 2,500- AED 5,000 in the year 2010, while a general nurse’s salary was something around AED 2,500- AED 10,000 in 2009 on an average.

However, there are chances of you grabbing better salaries in International hospitals like Welcare, Belhoul, and American Hospital etc.

Keeping in view the difficulty in drawing a uniform salary list meant for nursing jobs in Dubai since they are dependent on so many factors (already mentioned above), we are providing you the average salary lists of nurses in UAE:

Staff Nurses: AED24,511 – AED239,785 on an average per year

Registered Nurses or RN- AED30,559 – AED284,730 on an average per year

Salaries according to Recent Job Posts

Nurses Jobs in Al Aman Hospital (Dubai) – 2400 and AED 300 with benefits like food, transportation, medical etc


The package of benefits enjoyed by nurses is quite impressive with usual perks like:

  • Accommodation- either free or subsidized
  • Transport Costs
  • Paid Leaves
  • Tax friendly environment
  • Medical Insurance

However as an expat you should be more careful about having the foreknowledge of the benefits offered by the company and clearing all your doubts in this matter for multiple times if required. It might always happen that different enterprises have different policies regarding the same.

Leading Places Providing Nursing Jobs in Dubai

Some of the names of international repute have already been mentioned above. Asides from those the other leading names providing nursing jobs in Dubai include:

  • Medacs healthcare
  • Al Wasl Hospital
  • Al Noor Hospital
  • GMC Hospital Dubai
  • Corniche Hospital

*Part of information regarding salaries has been sourced from recent job posts (which might have expired as well), the site does not take responsibility for any discrepancy in this matter whatsoever.