Just like many American and European cities where people especially students seek part time jobs to support their pocket expenses and sometimes support studies, Dubai residents are also cultivating a

culture by seeking part time jobs. In a city where vibrant commercial activities are prevalent and life is fast, part time jobs get great importance. There are many group activities such as restaurants, clubs, hotels, information technology parks, family and entertainment centres employ part timers. Apart from these, many organizations offer summer internship assignments in the nature of part time work to graduate students in various disciplines. Internet is one of the main source to part time jobs to Dubai residents. Some organizations assign part time home based work to interested individuals.

Mainly students and people newly landed from foreign countries seek part time assignments in Dubai. If you are a part time work seeker you need to browse through the sites of listed companies, or for hot jobs please open the hot jobs link.

For Freelance job seekers also Dubai is a green Pasteur in the Middle East. Many organizations in the media, IT, entertainment, publishing and advertising industries offer freelancing and contractual assignments to the interested job seekers. One can even Internet based freelance assignments from foreign countries. Contractual jobs limited to a particular job assignments are also available in Dubai.


Part Time Jobs with HSBC Middle East
HSBC Bank Middle East Limited is part of the global HSBC Bank. It offers opportunities to fresh graduates, young students, part time work seekers, etc. The bank has established HSBC University to teach and award academic qualifications in banking programmes. The programmes such as Diploma Graduate programme, Graduate training programme, summer internships and part time working jobs. Part time jobs are offered to those who wish to work at leisure time at places convenient for them.


World Leisure is a non governmental organization functioning to discover and foster conditions that best permits leisure as a force of human growth and quality of life. The society organizes various congresses and conferences to promote leisure and travel. As it identifies Dubai as one of the major leisure destinations, it chose the city as a centre of its activities. The society promotes world leisure news & jobs, for the promotion of jobs in the leisure industry.


Totaljobs.com is the biggest job site that offers leisure jobs. The site is part of Total Jobs Group Ltd, a growing recruitment company based at London comprising of ten job boards. These job sites are CareerStructure.com, Caterer.com, CatererGlobal.com, CWJobs.co.uk, H2Office.co.uk, HotelsCareers.com, RetailChoice.com, Salestarget.co.uk, Totaljobs.nl, etc. A special section for Dubai Leisure jobs lists all part time work opportunities in Dubai.