One of the premium airways companies, Kuwait Airways has redefined the meaning of cargo and passenger services in Kuwait. With an aim to transcend almost 100 destinations with its network Kuwait Airways is looking to further its commitment to provide extraordinary, reliable and safe services to its passengers. Grabbing a place as an employee at such an enterprise would be a matter of immense pride. Thus let us focus a little on the salaries of the prominent job profiles at Kuwait Airways, but before that a glimpse of some other aspects of importance:

Career Opportunities at Kuwait Airways

There are a host of profiles in the Kuwait Airways up for the grabs:

  • Pilots
  • Simulator Engineer
  • Simulator Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft Maintenance Avionics Engineer
  • Airframe System Engineer
  • Administration Officer
  • Cabin Crew
  • Ground staff
  • Storekeeper
  • Material Officer
  • Executive Secretary
  • Maintenance Department
  • Accounts Officer
  • Technical Officer
  • Passenger Handling

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Kuwait Airways is a premier airways company based in Kuwait, providing most reliable passenger and cargo services to the customers worldwide. Kuwait Airways aims to reestablish its network so as to reach about 100 destinations in 46 countries with a firm commitment to providing the finest service and comfort to passengers while continuing to rank safety as one of highest priorities.

Jazeera Airways, Kuwait

Jazeera Airways is the first and only privately owned airline in Kuwait, and one of the few airlines in the Middle East built on a low-fares business model. Jazeera is always on the lookout for professionals who wish to make a career out of working for the Middle East’s first private airline. When you join Jazeera Airways, you become part of a culture that always wants to help travelers by setting them free from the trappings of conventional airlines. To apply for a position, please send your current CV detailing your current remuneration package and notice period. Applications can be sent by e-mail to

Kuwait Airways- Relevant Information Regarding Salaries

There is very limited information regarding the present salaries at Kuwait Airways. If you browse through the current pay packages of the Kuwait Airways you are least likely to come up with results posted or updated in recent times. However as per the scarce information available, you can presently pocket an average of $117,000 at the company.

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Let us browse through the Kuwait Airways Pilot salaries updated a few years ago:

Job Category Pay scale (updated a few years ago)
FO Top 55000 gbp
Captain top 100000 gbp
FO Base 40000 gbp
Captain base 70000 gbp

Benefits enjoyed by Kuwait Airways Pilots as updated a few years ago

Leave of around 60 days

8 days a month off on an average as per roster

Travelling benefits like 4 (for self and three members of immediate family) free flight tickets when concerned employee is on leave

Additional duties pay (per diems)

*Information regarding salaries and benefits enjoyed by Kuwait Airways employees is sourced from data posted a few years ago, owing to lack of sufficient data updated in recent years. Therefore before accepting a job offer at the company, please clarify your doubts and make sure there is transparency in matters of salaries and compensation. It is also advisable that you gain a decent knowledge of the taxes there as most of the gulf countries do promise tax free environments for employees.

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Here is a little glimpse of the basic qualifications required for different profiles at the company which may change with time and as per requirements:

Aircraft Maintenance Avionics Engineer

  • 4 years of experience in aircraft maintenance
  • Sound knowledge of English
  • Holding required license and approval as per specified by the company

Simulator Maintenance Engineer

  • Decent English Knowledge
  • At least 8 years of experience in Visual Systems and simulator
  • Formal training on Simulator Management
  • Bachelors degree in Electronics/ Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering

Airframe System Engineer

  • 5 years of work experience in relevant field
  • Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Decent knowledge of English
  • Required knowledge and license as per specified by the company