Scope of Oil & Gas Jobs in Kuwait for Indians

Welcome to all Gulf Job seekers! Naukri hub brings a career opportunity for you in the Kuwait oil & natural gas industry. The Oil and Gas sector of Kuwait offers exciting employment opportunities on shore as

well as in the seabed. Kuwait based oil extraction companies use advanced techniques to find and extract oil making the job a less stressful experience for the workforce.

In our section of oil jobs in Kuwait you will find career opportunities from the Kuwaiti oil & gas companies. Oil mining involves detailed exploration, drilling, well services and other most sophisticated techniques of production. Oil companies of Kuwait recruit international manpower in a wide variety of skills starting from financial planning, well audit, logistic activities, infrastructure development, civil engineering,

construction, telecom infrastructure development, piping, power generation on site, storaging, fire safety, simulation and GPS and many more. The petroleum extraction and refining companies of Kuwait look for professionals such as petroleum engineers, geoscientists, drilling engineers, information technology professionals, finance professionals, safety & industrial security specialists, medical and nursing professionals, refinery engineers, marine engineers, production engineers, auditors, technical auditors, Rock micro-tomography specialists, Production Managers and coordinators, Petroleum engineers, telecom engineers, electrical & electronic engineers, technicians, simulation engineers, mechanical engineers, rig electricians, piping designers, operators, IT professionals, offshore medical professionals, nurses, shift in charges etc. Oil companies of Kuwait, to a great extend, provide apprenticeship training to the new entrants. Jobs in oil industry can be either offshore or on rigs, or on shore.

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Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is one of the top ten oil energy conglomerates in the world, a leader in providing safe, clean energy to the global markets. Owned by the state, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation is responsible for Kuwait’s hydrocarbon interests throughout the world. KPC is always looking forward to recruit talented people. The company seeks experienced and fresh candidates capable of delivering a wide range of value added services in the company. Kuwait Oil Corporation recruitment site provides the opportunity for applicants to apply online and track latest updates for its registered members.

Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company is a crude oil exploration and development company of Kuwait. The company supplies oil, gasoline and petrochemical derivatives. KOC is looking for highly skilled petroleum professionals to help the company optimize the services to the world. The company is specifically looking for highly experienced Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, Petroleum Engineer, Drilling Engineers and Surface Facilities Engineers with a track record of value adding, and who can effectively manage risk.

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Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Kuwait National Petroleum Company is one of the largest petroleum production companies of the world. KNPC is involved in oil refining and distribution activities. It owns and manages the Mina Abdullah refinery, Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery, Shuaiba Refinery and is developing New Refinery Projects within the state of Kuwait.