Being a major petroleum producing country, Kuwait occupy lead position in Petrochemical industry map. In recent years investment in petrochemicals have increased aiming to exploit the great potential of the sector. There were large players in this sector for decades, such as

the Equate Petrochemical Company and the Petrochemical Industries Company. These companies are ranked among the world’s largest petrochemical producers. These companies produce chemical products such as gasoline, paper, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, plastics, synthetic fibers, paint, film and many more. In Kuwait there are large proven deposits of hydrocarbons, chemical compounds, ethylene and propylene, benzene and xylene isomers that gives great prospects to the country and the region industrially and for employment generation.

At present the petrochemical industry is serving employs manpower in thousands. A job in petrochemical and fertilizer industry offers lucrative income, employee welfare facilities and career development opportunities. If you are seeking a job in Kuwait petrochemical sector, you have reached the right site to find one.

Equate Petrochemical Company

Equate Petrochemical Company is a Kuwait based company supplying petrochemical products to the markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Far East and Europe. Its products showcase include Polyethylene (a thermoplastic material composed of polymers
of ethylene) Ethylene Glycol(a thick liquid used primarily as an antifreeze polyester fiber manufacturing) and Polypropelene (thermoplastic having a higher temperature resistance). Equate Petrochemical Company recruit, develop, and maintain a diverse and highly qualified workforce of high calibre professionals who are committed to meeting our world-class standards.

Independent Petroleum Group

The Independent Petroleum Group is a Kuwait based company engaged in the trade and marketing of crude oil, petroleum products, LPG, petrochemicals and fertilizers. Independent Petroleum Group aims to have top professionals from petrochemical industry all through the world to join it and contribute in activities of the company. IPG workforce is multi-cultural formed from various parts of the world. IPG offers te highest standard of motivation and self satisfaction through continuous recognition in their efforts.