The Telecom Sector of Kuwait is a complex of highly regulated fixed land wire phone service and the dynamic and liberal mobile telecom industry. There is low fixed-line influence in the user bases wherein

highly developed mobile players have greater advantage. With the development of large telecommunication networks by the private sector and easy access of telecom facility by the public in Kuwait, Telecom Jobs have also increased in the mobile sector. In this section we try to bring the available telecommunication jobs in Kuwait. These jobs are available for profiles such as Telecom Engineers, Electronics & Telecom Engineer Freshers, Telecom Networking engineers, technicians, Customer service professionals etc. in leading Kuwait telecom companies such as Watania Telecom, MTC-Vodafone, etc.

Mobile Telecommunications Co. (MTC)

MTC is a futuristic organisation, which believes that telecommunications play a central role in people’s lives going beyond simple communication. With advanced and robust technologies to continuously provide and delight the customers with the most relevant and technologically advanced services tailored to their needs. MTC is the leading telecommunications company in the Middle East and Africa providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to over 24.9 million individual and business customers.

Wataniya Telecom

Wataniya Telecom services covers the entire spectrum of the mobile telephony lifestyle with services catering to leisure needs, businesses needs, games and travel information services. Wataniya offers an exciting and challenging career with many opportunities. The company focus is on teamwork. Dedication and personal development can drive your career forward as Wataniya continue to expand. The range of career opportunities Watania offer include in divisions such as Customer Care, Technology, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Public Relations & Product Development, Human Resources & Admin Services. If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career with Wataniya Telecom, simply mail your CV and a cover letter in to the Human Resources Division telling us the business area you’re interested in: