Air travel and air cargo services have became inevitable in Saudi Arabia as life in the Kingdom is more global than before. This is owing to the critical importance of the oil economy in the global conditions. As business is speeding up, the airline industry in the country is on the path of increasing its base. New airline Companies have come in to existence, which gave rise to the number of flights and number and size of air ports in Saudi Arabia. Consequently it gave spurt to jobs in the airline of Saudi Kingdom like Pilot jobs, ATR pilot jobs, Boeing Pilot Jobs, Flight Engineer jobs, Aircraft Engineer Jobs, Chef jobs, Cockpit crew jobs, Crew jobs, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers jobs, Airport Services jobs, Flight Attendant jobs etc.

In this section you can find jobs in Airline companies operating in Saudi Arabia, International flight services based in Saudi cities, Pilot jobs, ATR pilot jobs, Cabin Crew jobs, Cargo flight jobs and jobs in chartered flights, etc.

Saudi Arabian Airlines


Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) is the national airways company of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The operations of SAUDIA are based at Jeddah International Airport (King Abdul Aziz International Airport). Over the years of prospectful existence, Saudi Arabian Airlines has gained the

privilege of one of the largest and the best airlines in the world. It owns the most sophisticated brands of fleet including most of Boeing and Airbus models. Saudi Arabian Airlines offers a variety of specialized job openings within its Flight Operations Division, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.