Cement production companies stand as the backbone of Saudi Arabia’s construction and infrastructure development industry. There are dozens of cement production companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cities, who offer job opportunities to international candidates. Cement manufacturers in Saudi Arabia look for candidates for disciplines of engineering and chemistry, geology, etc for jobs such as process evaluation, fuels evaluation, process control, air emission studies, materials management, environmental reporting, waste management, etc. Qualified engineers and technical draughtsman with interest in materials handling and management finds the job more interesting.

After spending few months in a cement company of Saudi Arabia, workers/engineers get knowledge in many fields including process equipment, quality control, system control, energy conservation, environment management and health & safety. Engineering graduates with specialization in chemical engineering find their best job in a cement factory. Qualified professionals with Metallurgical, Ceramic, Materials Management, etc. are in high demand for jobs such as quality control, materials handling, material usage, and reducing material variability, etc.

Yanbu Cement Company

Yanbu Cement Company is one of the biggest Cement companies in Saudi Arabia. YCC products are well known for its quality, product diversity and customer orientation in Saudi Arabia’s cement market. All those who are interested in working for one of the most successful cement companies in Saudi Arabia are invited to apply for a position at YCC, please attach your CV and email reda@yanbucement.com

Saudi Cement Co.

Saudi Cement Company one of the major cement manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operates two plants, ie., at Hofuf and Ain Dar. For jobs in Saudi Cement Company please mail your resume to recruitment@saudicement.com.sa OR apply for a job through either of these designated agencies: www.ggheewala.com or www.honchohunters.com