Drilling jobs in Saudi Arabia are high in demand chiefly because of their outstanding compensation package, annual benefits, bonus, travel allowance, as well as other lucrative offers. Besides, here you will also get an opportunity to implement the latest technology that will further help in producing more crude oil. The idea of working with a team which is exclusively focused on longer production cycles and safety is something that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Required Qualifications for a drilling job in Saudi Arabia

The designation of a driller usually varies depending on his qualifications. For instance, candidates applying for the post of a drilling engineering or deep gas drilling engineering must posses a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering whereas a high school diploma is acceptable for those looking for an opening as gas drilling foreman. In addition, the relevant work experience also matters when it comes to grabbing a drilling job in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, a major hub of the drilling industry offers multiple jobs like:

  • Gas Drilling Engineer
  • Deep Gas Drilling Engineer
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Drilling Supervisor
  • Drilling Manager
  • Drilling Foreman
  • Gas Drilling Foreman
  • Senior Drilling Foreman
  • Drilling Engineering Expert
  • Drilling Equipment Inspector
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Drilling Superintendent
  • Downhole Operators
  • Base Operators
  • Rig Engineers
  • Directorial Drillers
  • Drilling Coordinators
  • Geosteering Supervisors
  • Navigation Supervisors

Best Saudi Arabian Companies for Drilling Jobs

Arabian Drilling Company (ADC): Arabian Drilling Company (ADC) was established in 1964 as a Limited Liability partnership between the Industrialization & Energy Services Company (TAQA) (51% share) and a Saudi Government Oilfield Services Company and Services Petroliers Schlumberger S.A (49% share). They have more than 47 years of experience in the industry. Their list of clientele is very long and include famous Saudi Aramco and Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KJO). There remains enormous drilling job opportunities with this company. Person who wants to join ADC must be well educated, with good communications skills in English, should have hand on experience of drilling, experience of working in harsh conditions, smart and adaptable. Most prominent drilling job opening are overall Operation Manager, Division Manager, Rig Manager, Rig Superintendent, Tool Pusher, Driller etc. www.arabdrill.com

Tesco Saudi Arabia Company Ltd: Tesco and Petroleum Works Company Limited (Petroco) came together as a joint venture with Tesco Saudi Arabia Company Ltd. Tesco is really experienced in giving solutions to technology based issues, design, manufacturing and servicing. It has reduced cost of drilling. Drilling jobs in Tesco Saudi If you want to join this dynamic organization then send your resume to careers@alturkigroup.com or contact them at +966 (03) 807-7100. www.alturkigroup.com

National Drilling Company (NDC): National Drilling Company, member of NPS has expertise in drilling deep well (15,000 ft). Al-Sanie Investment Group established the company in 1970 and recently to become member of National Petroleum Services, it has merged with National Oil Well Maintenance and National Petroleum Technology. The Governmental sector, Saudi ARAMCO, the Military Forces, members of the Saudi Royal Family, public utility companies are few to named in the list of their clientele. Your career with National Drilling Company for sure will be great as you will be working with one of the successful companies. You can start your career as an Intern, can join the company as graduate and experienced professional.b www.npsintl.com

List of drilling companies in Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)
  • EniRepSa Gas Ltd.
  • Dalma Drilling Company
  • Saudi Oger
  • Vigor Drilling
  • The Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP)