Scope of Jobs in Dubai

If you are looking for jobs in Dubai, you have arrived at the right place. The Jobs in Dubai section of Naukri Hub provides useful information about Jobs and the best employment opportunities in Dubai. Naukri Hub has tried to list the best employment opportunities in Dubai in various industries such as Petroleum, Natural Gas, Engineering, Information Technology, Construction and Manufacturing, Designing, Horticulture, Science, Nursing, Medical, Healthcare, Advertising and Media, Accounting and Finance. There are various well paying finance jobs, Accounting jobs, Construction jobs, Hospitality jobs, healthcare jobs, administration jobs, executive jobs, management jobs, sales & marketing jobs in Dubai.

Why Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a rich country and the living standard is really good and residents of Dubai are living happily. Naukri hub is here to help professionals from all over the world to explore the best job opportunities in Dubai.

Scope of Jobs in Dubai in Various Industries

The economy of Dubai is very sound and provides many job jobs for freshers as well as experienced job seekers. Naukri Hub also provides information on recruitment services in Dubai which helps jobs seekers search for jobs in different categories like engineering, computers, sales and marketing, manufacturing, customer service, administration, shipping, technical, medical, etc. There are job jobs for the posts of secretary, manager, consultant, receptionist, etc. Other booming sectors of Dubai are real estate, media, banking, oil, insurance, advertising and telecommunication. Naukrihub is here to help you search for various jobs in Dubai. The salary package in Dubai provided in jobs in Dubai is quite high and allows Indians to earn good salary package and they are able to have a really high standard of living. Dubai jobs are very attractive to all Indians . Most of the Indians aspire to go to Dubai and live a quality life. Dubai is a rich place and people enjoy their lives in Dubai. Many new buildings are under construction in Dubai and Dubai has a requirement of many Engineers out there.

Know the Scope of Jewellery Jobs in Dubai

Job Scenario in Construction Industry of Dubai

Dubai is developing very quickly. Constructing malls, buildings, hospitals, bridges, flyovers, etc. is in process. Construction Jobs in Dubai gives rise to many opportunities for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, electronics engineers, and I.T. and Computer Science Engineers. The salary package offered by the construction jobs in Dubai is very good. Construction Jobs in Dubai gives you high perks and incentives, letting you enjoy your life a lot.

Job Scenario in Marketing Industry of Dubai

Marketing Jobs in Dubai are many. Dubai is thought as the Paris of the Middle East and is the trading centre of Middle East. Marketing and sales jobs in Textile Industry, gold and diamond jewellery, consumer electronics, processed food, cosmetics and beauty care products, Automobile, Furnishings and decorations, crafts, pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipments, and hospitality services, healthcare products and services, hotels, banking and financial products, insurance and computer hardware and software products are the categories in which hot marketing jobs in Dubai exist. People from all over the world look for these jobs as the companies in Dubai not only gives good salaries , but the incentive plans are very attractive. The various perks offered by the companies make the employees live a very comfortable and luxurious life.

Job Scenario in Medical Industry of Dubai:

Medical and Healthcare sector of Dubai offers hundreds of jobs in Dubai to international professionals. Medical and Healthcare personnel are recruited from many countries, including India, Philippines, Pakistan, Eastern Europe, etc. The jobs available are Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Pathologists, Pediatricians, Gynecologists, Cardiologists, dermatologists, Neurosurgeons Nurses, paramedical jobs for medical technologists, microbiologists, x-ray technicians, lab technicians, MRI technicians, Ultrasound technicians, Respiratory therapists, Dentists, Physical therapists, Orthodontists and Medical Secretaries Jobs in Dubai.

Job Scenario in Banking Industry of Dubai:

Banking and investment sector is a leading industry in Dubai. Dubai has established itself as the global banking hub in the Middle Eastern region. The economy of UAE attracts local and international investment institutions with great returns for the capital investment. The UAE banks and investment companies offer multiple job opportunities in Dubai.

Last Updated: 13/03/15