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Hotel Jobs in Kuwait

Kuwait is the fifth richest country of the world with a GDP turnout of US $ 167.9 billion and a per capita income of US $ 81,800. The free economy policy in Kuwait and the tax free structure followed by the government has brought about improvement in the Kuwait economy.
The Kuwait Stock Exchange and the crude oil reserves of the country account for more than 80 percent of the government revenues every year. Besides stocks and oil industry, the other major sectors in Kuwait where both national and foreign individuals can get employment are financial services, construction & construction materials, petrochemical products, petroleum, fertilizers, shipping, cement and water desalination.

Indian Workforce in Kuwait for Jobs

According to a survey conducted by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, there are more than 600,000 Indians residing in India. In fact Indians comprise the largest number of expatriates in Kuwait. Kuwait’s progressive economy and the requirement of professional & technical personnel in the country draws skilled and unskilled Indian workforce to the Arab country. By the end of the year 2011, the maximum number of Indians in Kuwait were employed in the financial services or in the software sector.

The other professionals from India who are usually seen in Kuwait are scientists, chartered accountants, doctors, engineers, management consultants, architects, nurses & paramedical staff, businessmen and retail traders.

Know Some Best Jobs in Kuwait

Though the oil extraction industry generates the maximum number of jobs and revenue, the job scenario in Kuwait has changed over the last few years. Listed below are industries other than oil where you can get employment:

  • Small scale industries like ammonia, fertilizer and paper production firms
  • The food processing industry has shown a rapid growth since the year 2002 when it was first started. Vegetable oil, breakfast cereal, frozen vegetables, snack food, beverage bases, cheese and poultry parts are the mainfood industriesin Kuwait.
  • Oil refinery and Oil distillation – the extracted crude oil has to be refined and distilled before export. More than 828,000 barrels of oil is sent to the refineries and distilling centers everyday. Fuel oil, naphtha, gas oil, diesel fuel and kerosene are the chief products purified in the oil refineries and oil distillation units.
  • The manufacturing industry in Kuwait accounts for 60 percent of the total GDP of the country. Cement and construction materials are the chief components produced in the manufacturing units of Kuwait.
  • Security services, HR & industrial relations, hotel industry and web designing or visualizing are the latest and most emerging sectors of the Kuwait economy. Jobs in these sectors are very well paying.

Scope of Petrochemicals Jobs in Kuwait

How to Get Jobs in Kuwait

What are the basic requirements for you to secure the best job as an international student or working professional in Kuwait? Listed below are major qualifications you need to possess while searching for the best job.

Visa requirement the first step to get the perfect job is to get security clearance in a foreign country by applying for a working visa. A job seeker must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of application for an employment visa. A work permit and residence visa must be procured by the job seeker by paying a visit to the Kuwait consulate.
  • Academic qualification the minimum qualification for getting a job in Kuwait is successful completion of graduation. But with the growing demand for jobs, a professional degree has become very necessary for a candidate looking for a lucrative opportunity. MBA and IT graduates are most preferred in the oil industry. A postgraduate degree in media & communications or web designing is helpful to get jobs in the HR industry, web development firm or education & coaching institutes.
  • Register with online job sites by posting your updated resume with them. You can also take the help of consultancy agencies which charge a fee to get you the job that suits your profile.
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    Know Jobs Scenario in Kuwait for Everyone

    Listed below are some important points related to the employment scenario of Kuwait:

    • The remuneration from a private sector organization in Kuwait includes the basic pay, commissions, incentive, obligatory bonus, gratuity, allowance from a third party and employee benefits.
    • The normal work time is 48 hours per week. It is distributed as minimum eight hours for one day. The hotel industry working hours are generally more for each day.
    • Every employee enjoys eight public holidays. The off day in a week is Friday.
    • A working woman in Kuwaitis paid equal remuneration as a man. The maternity leave is 30 days pre delivery and 40 days post delivery of the child. Thereafter, a female employee can take a leave without pay for a maximum period of 100 days with prior notice to the employer.
    • Termination indemnity is an important aspect of employment scenario of Kuwait. If an employee is terminated from his job, he will have to be paid a lump amount under the private sector labor law instituted by the government of Kuwait. Vice versa, if the employee resigns before the end of his contract with an organization, he must pay to the company.
    • Every firm in Kuwait has to take special care of health and hygiene issues within the office premises. It is the duty of the employer to provide transport and accommodation facilities to an employee who lives very far from the office premises.
    • Accident insurance is covered by employer. If an employee is injured when in office, he has the right to demand treatment from a government or private hospital at the expense of the employer.
    • Trade unions and dispute resolution units are a very important part of the private and public sector companies in Kuwait. An employee has to be minimum 18 years of age to join these unions.

    Some Best Companies for Jobs in Kuwait are:

    • Kuwait Ministry of Finance
    • Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)
    • Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
    • National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)
    • The Bank of Kuwait and Middle East (BKME)
    • Wataniya Telecom
    • Action Group Holdings
    • Al Deera Holding Company
    • Action Real Estate Company (AREC)
    • Arabian Construction Company

    Last Updated: 25/04/2015