Jobs in Al Ain, UAE

Al Ain is United Arab Emirates fourth largest city. The thriving economic infrastructure of this city has been shaped by its varied industries. Tourism and Hospitality sectors of Al Ain are undergoing rapid transformation to give the city an ultra-modern and cosmopolitan

feel. The major industries of Al Ain deal with medical supplies, electronic products, software development, and telecommunication sectors. There are some immensely developed Oil Refineries on the outskirts of Al Ain city. The Dairy industries of this city are also evolving rapidly.

You may contact job agencies in Al Ain, UAE to find excellent job opportunities in various sectors such as Software, Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals, and Construction.

Jobs in Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, as well as Banking are also available in this city. Job in the Dairy industries and Petrochemical industries of Al Ain are also available for potential candidates.

Last Updated: 25/04/2015