Government Jobs in UAE

A job in the government service is the top priority for UAE nationals after they complete education. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Dubai for an instance, sets the standards of qualifications

and training that are required to get employed on every position in the Dubai’s government service. UAE people are striving towards prosperity through adverse conditions, and in the recent decades they have brought great economic and human development to their lives. Educational opportunities through state funded opportunities helped the UAE citizens to access formal and technical education. So is the case of women education index, which made great stride in recent years and it resulted in people seeking employment in the government sector, oil and gas industries and multinational corporations.

Hotel and Restaurant sector is one of the major employment areas next to government jobs and to oil and gas sectorjobs in UAE. Due to the Emiratisation efforts, the Emirates were successful in bringing up young people to take up employment in the government services and industrial sector. Government agencies in UAE are fast upgrading services making it essential to recruit more people in the services.

UAE Career Fair, Dubai
Dubai Career Fair 2007 is a job marketplace where job seekers can interact with multitude of employers. In this fair the Dubai government will promote its range of online services such as
eJob, mDubai, eCitizen, eLearn, Ask Dubai, ePay and other eServices, to promote these services to large section of Dubai’s population, including job seekers and all parties concerned with employment, education and training. The Dubai World Trade Centre, in coordination with TANMIA, Emirates Nationals Development Programme (ENDP), Higher Colleges of Technology, Zayed University and UAE University, organizes the Fair. Non governmental organizations (NGO) working for non-profit social service activities are active in the Emirates, such bodies offer lucrative employment opportunities to interested professionals. Career UAE is a high profile event to help talented UAE nationals in all fields to meet prospective employers and recruiters. The event opens up opportunities for networking possibilities, career leads, learn about various companies, and apply for job jobs and training programmes.

Department of Health and Medical Services - Government of Dubai
DHS Dubai is an authority established to provide public health services and manage government aided hospitals, blood donation centers, thalassemia centre, fertility centre and specialized health care centres. The Department has established itself the prominent health institution of Dubai. The Department offers jobs to UAE nationals in the fields of Administration jobs, Technical jobs, supply services jobs, nursing jobs, medical services jobs, etc.

Ministry Of Health, UAE
United Arab Emirates Federal Government aims to build a wealthy nation by building a healthy nation. The Ministry of Health, UAE is the empowered authority for making regulations, policies, rules and amendments to rules for the entire Emirates. The Ministry of Health Portal provides information on examinations, schedules and results of all medical, paramedical, nursing and auxiliary courses throughout the Emirates. The MOH Federal Department is the wing under the Ministry to carry out the government policies and practices such as Planning, Statistic, preventive Medicine, Radiology, Medicines, Pharmacy, Nursing, Private Hospital and medical centres licensing, Health Advertisements, Finance, Nursing, Administration of Hospitals, management of Health Education and Nursing Education. The portal serves Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and Medical Technicians with services such as registration and employment application in the Ministry Hospitals throughout the Emirates.

DP World UAE, Dubai Ports Authority
Dubai Ports Authority is the foremost terminal operator in the Middle Eastern region and the flagship company of DP World UAE. The Dubai Ports Authority caters its terminal operating services with standards that exceed customer expectations. Dubai Ports Authority aims to enhance its position as a leading global operator recognized for quality service and customer satisfaction. DP World is as committed to its people as to the customers when it comes to the satisfaction.

Dubai Holding
Dubai Holding is a consolidated agency to promote large-scale investment projects that contribute to Dubai's economic, social and industrial developments to create a better tomorrow. The project promotion efforts of Dubai Holding has been very successful in building up of industrial infrastructure for sectors including Technology, Communication, Energy, Health and Education, Tourism, Real Estate, Finance, Hospitality, Biotechnology and Industrial manufacturing. Dubai Holding offers career opportunities with great promises for growth while keeping up the guiding principles of Excellence, Innovation, Loyalty, People talent, Speedy accomplishments and integrity.

Dubai International Financial Centre
The Dubai International Financial Centre was conceived by the Government of Dubai to create a regular capital market to offer investors a world class regulations and standards with integrity, transparency and efficiency. DIFC is the UAE's International finance centre focusing on several sectors of financial activity. The sectors covered are: Banking Services, Capital Markets, Asset Management and Fund Registration, Insurance and Reinsurance, Islamic Finance, Business Processing Operations and Ancillary Services. The Dubai International Financial Centre invites talented people to discover the experience and unique opportunities available with working alongside the industries top professionals.

Last Updated: 25/04/2015