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Hospitality Sector

In next 10 years Indian hospitality sector is expected to grow at the rate of 8%. The emergence of Government voluntary schemes such as Incredible India has caused more and more tourists pouring in Indian holiday destinations. This has caused more and more development of the hospitality sector. The sector can be categorized into two sub industries- hotel industry and travel & tourism industry.

The sector offers jobs in various segments customer care executives, marketing, servicing,

house keeping, kitchen management, faculties, cabin crew, finance, help desk, management, etc. Hospitality sector offers lucrative compensation packages. The compensation package in the sector includes heavy incentives, meals, accommodation, and travel allowances along with basic salary. Usually basic salary is less but the incentives and perks known as tips provides for handsome earnings.

The compensation packages in the industry are based on the brand and position an individual is working for. There’s a huge gap between the compensation provides by a 5 star hotel and an ordinary 1 star hotel. The package and position is also depicted on the basis of the educational background of the candidate. A person with hotel management degree will earn more than an individual with no certifications in hotel management.

Figure: Distribution of Compensation Packages in Hotel Industry*

* The figures are determined after analyzing the compensations offered in various segments within the hotel industry. For example, Front Desk Executives get very less compensation packages (including perks and incentives).

Figure: Distribution of Compensation Packages in Tourism Industry*

* The figures are based on the proportion of compensation packages offered in the sub segments of tourism industry.

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