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Placement consultants in India follow the right kind of strategy to provide various kinds of recruitment services. Such services include placements, career counseling, finance, immigration, business, qualifying tests. These are provided by the placement consultants in the country. Some of these are free-of-cost services while others may be given with a nominal fee. Careerist Management Consultants, Global Hunt, ABC Consultants Pvt Ltd and Alp Management Consultants are some of the top rated placement consultants in India.

Some of the placement consultants offer grooming for interviews too. The candidates can rely on these for their career choice.

Placement consultants in Delhi:

Career-related issues can now relax as placement consultants in Delhi are coming up with better services and loads of opportunities. They provide the right platform for better job opportunities in sectors such as Financial Services, IT, BPO, Media and Entertainment Industry. Most of such consultants in Delhi are associated with bigger consultants, are technologically advanced and offers the best remunerations. Some of the best placement consultants in Delhi are:
  • ABC Consultants
  • Alchemist HR Consulting
  • Spenta Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  • Advanced Corporate Services
  • Engage HR Solutions

Placement consultants in Mumbai:

Job seekers in Mumbai have a lot of options when it comes to placement consultants in the city. Being an industrial hub, the city has lots of job opportunities to offer through the placement consultants. The consultants offer various kinds of services such as grooming, recruitment cycle, updating the candidates on job jobs and several other services. Some of the well-known placement organizations in Mumbai are:
  • Adept Consulting
  • AHR
  • Career Solutions
  • Dream Weavers Group
  • Global Talent Search
  • Jsb Manpower Solution

Placement consultants in Kolkata:

Job opportunities are many but often reaching them or knowing about them is a problem. This is when the placement consultants in Kolkata come in handy for job enthusiasts in the city and those trying to find a job in the city. The placement consultants provide job opportunities in sectors such as FMCG, Healthcare, Bank, Export House, Retail Sector, IT, BPO, and Finance. Some of the well-known consultants for recruitment in Kolkata are:
  • AKS Consultants
  • Symbiosis Consultancy
  • Yellowbox HR Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • TechnoCratz
  • Mafoi Randstad

Placement consultants in Chennai:

This metropolitan city has various placement consultants that take care of the career of career aspirants. Most of these consultants offer services like counseling, grooming, conducting interviews and offering job opportunities in sectors such as IT, BPO, Finance, Marketing and other industries. Some of the popular placement consultants in Chennai are:
  • ACS Consultancy
  • BrainSource Management Consultants
  • PS Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Universal placement services
  • XSquare Solution

Placement consultants in Bangalore:

Bangalore being the IT hub of India attracts IT candidates to the city. Not only is this sector in boom but so are other sectors like Media, BPO, Finance, Marketing, FMCG and Education. The city holds lots of job opportunities, which are presented through the various placement consultants in Bangalore. Some of the best consultants in the city are:
  • Aarcade Consultants
  • Manpower Consultancy
  • Global Technologies
  • Impulse system
  • Inspire Consultancy Services

Placement consultants in Pune:

Placement agencies in Pune offer various kinds of recruitment services with proper counseling and guidance. Some of them send regular updates to candidates through mail and text messages. Some of the well-known placement agencies in Pune are:
  • AngelOne Placement
  • Fusion Consultants
  • Jobzvista
  • Pro Biz Consulting
  • White collar HR Solutions

Placement consultants in Hyderabad:

IT, Media, Retail, BPO, Education, Healthcare and Finance are some of the sectors that offer job opportunities every now and then. Hyderabad is one of the preferred locations in terms of opportunities. The placement consultants serve as mediums for such opportunities from the top notch consultants that have its base or are operational from the city. Some of the best placement firms in Hyderabad are:
  • ABMLogics
  • Apex management consultants
  • Better Future Solutions
  • Cross Talent
  • Global Professional Services

Top placement consultants in India:

India is blessed with different placement organizations that perform a gamut of activities by offering jobs in various sectors. They take care of everything starting from counseling the candidates to conducting interviews on behalf of the top consultants in various sectors. Some of the popular placement consultants in India are:

New Star Consulting: New Star Consulting is a global recruitment firm that has a decade of experience and expertise in the field. The company has been successful in getting accolades for 3 consecutive years. New Star Consulting offers placement in IT, Telecom, Engineering, BFSI and other sectors.

Manpower Consultancy: This is training cum staffing company in India. The company offers placement services in various sectors. The company involves in recruitment, placement solutions, assessments, training and counseling. Some of the sectors covered by this company are Oil and Gas, Hospitals, Aviation Industry, Healthcare and other industries.

Global Hunt: For complete placement solutions, Global Hunt is the ideal contact. It is one of the top placement consultants in India. The company has a global span to Asia, Europe and Africa. The company provides placements in BPO, KPO and IT.

Master Mind Network: Mastermind Network is one of the popular placement consultants in India. The company offers recruitment solutions in various sectors like Media, IT, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Marketing, BPO and IT.

ABC Consultants: With an experience of 40 years, ABC Consultants are among the best placement consultants in India. This is a premier group than even has an online recruitment portal. It is a trusted company for recruitments in India as well as abroad.

Placement consultants in India have risen higher than the expectations in providing the best recruitment services. No matter where you are, you can approach any of these recruitment firms and apply for a suitable job opening, get counseled on the career opportunities and also get to know about the newer opportunities in the job market. With these consultants sharpening your career you will not miss the golden opportunities offered by various companies offering you white collar jobs with great remunerations in India. Placement Consultants in India section of Link to Us site.
Placement Consultants in India section of Link to Us site.

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