Forms Of Recruitment

The organisations differ in terms of their size, business, processes and practices. A few decisions by the recruitment professionals can affect the productivity and efficiency of the organisation. Organisations adopt different forms of recruitment practices according to the specific needs of the organisation.

The organisations can choose from the centralized or decentralized forms of recruitment, explained below:

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Centralized Recruitment

The recruitment practices of an organisation are centralized when the HR / recruitment department at the head office performs all functions of recruitment. Recruitment decisions for all the business verticals and departments of an organisation are carried out by the one central HR (or recruitment) department. Centralized from of recruitment is commonly seen in government organisations.

Benefits of the centralized form of recruitment are:

  • Reduces administration costs
  • Better utilization of specialists
  • Uniformity in recruitment
  • Interchangeability of staff
  • Reduces favoritism
  • Every department sends requisitions for recruitment to their central office

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Decentralized recruitment practices are most commonly seen in the case of conglomerates operating in different and diverse business areas. With diverse and geographically spread business areas and offices, it becomes important to understand the needs of each department and frame the recruitment policies and procedures accordingly. Each department carries out its own recruitment. Choice between the two will depend upon management philosophy and needs of particular organization. In some cases combination of both is used. Lower level staffs as well as top level executives are recruited in a decentralized manner.