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Resume Writing

Résumé is a document presented by an individual for any purpose, particularly a job seeking person to a prospective employer to present his personal and educational background, skills and experience.

Effective resume writing is a prerequisite for a successful job hunt.  In today’s stiffly competitive job market possessing the required degree or skill alone is not enough to get your dream job. A job seeker has to be an artist when it comes to making his curriculum vitae to get shortlisted.

Unfortunately, many job seekers who were bright in their academics and acquiring skills lack miserably in the art of resume making. CVs of many high end professionals like doctors, engineers, technocrats and software professionals are often rejected for being less attractive at a recruiter’s table. A recruiter who scans hundreds of resumes every day for every single job position pauses at a well prepared CV that catches his attention and thus gets shortlisted.

Resume Writing Advice By Category
Teacher Resume Writing

Through this web section Naukrihub launches resume writing help centre for each job category. Here you would get resume writing guidance covering various principles and aspects of good resume. We provide resume writing tips, resume templates, resume examples, difference between simple bio-data, resume and a detailed curriculum vitae, and job application cover letters.

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