Profession of teaching in Indian educational context has evolved over centuries. Teaching in modern times is expected to deliver a chain of qualities, from traditional values to answers of real world challenges to solutions to digital world complexities.  Hardly enough, a teacher requires a professionally drafted resume if he/she has to successfully apply for a teacher’s job at any level, whether play school teacher or pre-primary teacher or primary or elementary teacher or middle school teacher at the junior school levels or a high school teacher or higher secondary/ senior secondary teacher in the senior levels.

Successful teacher resume writing is a crafty job. Teachers of all levels, including TGTs, PGTs, Primary Teachers, Preschool teachers or activity teachers like music, dance, physical education, yoga or any other, teacher resume at all levels need to be well structured, oriented, reflective of the skill and dedication of the applicant teacher.

Teacher Resume Writing Formats

Reverse Chronological Resume lists the teacher’s experience and education in chronological order. It first lists the present experience and goes on reverse manner so as to detail the first job last. Highest educational degree is displayed first on list and goes to secondary school certificate last.

Functional Resume: Teaching job experiences and skills matching to the job description of the sought position are listed on top.

Online Resume Builder: Online job portals have taken over a large chunk of teaching job advertising. They provides resume posting facilities to teaching job applicants.

A resume should contain various parts classified separately so that it catches the eye of a recruiter – in most single unit Indian schools the Principals – who scrutinizes the resume and conducts the preliminary interviews. A teacher resume essentially have various parts listed below, well structured so that the resume is attractive:

  • A header with personal details such as name, address, contact information
  • Introduction with career objectives and summary
  • Profile including educational and teaching experience summary
  • List of schools/colleges attended
  • List of organization served/taught
  • Skills listed in bullet-ed manner
  • Career achievements and accolades, certifications and awards
  • A statement about personality
  • Personal details, preferably including description about immediate family members.