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It is true that your career is based upon grabbing a position that gets along well with your education, talents and skills, but then, in order to achieve so, you need to come up with a well crafted resume. A resume is your personal document which outlines your previous work experience, education, achievement and above all your present objectives. When it comes to choosing the best candidate for a particular post, employers often use it as screening tool.

In this world of cut throat competition, your resume is the only ray of hope that sets you apart from your peers. It acts as an effective tool to grab your prospective employerís attraction. Resume makes a good choice for those willing to portray their aptitudes. In other words, it serves as your sales pitch. After all, when it comes to grab a lucrative job all you need to do is come up with the needed ingredients to market your own self. So friends, make sure to devote some time when it comes to sketching your resume. To make it error free, ensure checking the prepared draft repeatedly. Double check your spelling and grammar and make sure that all school and organization names are spelled accurately. A resume with errors gives your prospective employer a feel that you donít pay attention to detail or devote the needed time to double check the assigned work. In other words, a poorly constructed resume imparts the image of a poor communicator.

Another thing that often goes unnoticed is the format of your resume. Besides, the content, an employer pays attention to the format as well. Hence, when it comes to formatting, be sure to adhere to basic formats such as Times New Roman and Arial. Keep the color and font size standard. Avoid using multi-colors and large fonts in your resume. Avoid going overboard with italicized, bold, or large-cap text. Maintain consistency and ensure that your resume looks clear when printed as well as displayed online. Limit your resume to one to two pages as any additional pages gives an image that you arenít sure of how to summarize your experience and education. A well structured resume helps you come out of your present job and grab your dream job!

How to write a Resume

1.Resume writing is an art to represent you and your academic & professional qualification beautifully in front of an employer. It is a first step to leave an everlasting impression on the employer. However, Resume writing is not an easy task. There are certain things required to be kept in mind while drafting a Resume.

Things to remember while drafting a Resume

  • A Resume should be uncomplicated and capable of drawing recruiter's attention at a first glance.
  • It should embody brief and straightforward details of your professional and academic qualifications in a comprehensive manner not more than two pages.
  • Details of earlier work experiences, responsibilities and achievements should be mentioned in points rather than in lengthy paragraphs narrating stories. It makes your Resume more presentable and influential.
  • It should be written in one font throughout and only headings should be bold. Excessive underlining, highlighting and use of numerical bullets should be avoided.
  • Resume should be combined with a cover-letter that contains the details of the employer and the designation which you are applying for. Cover letter should also include the reason that why are you suitable for the aforesaid post and it should even contain the list of testimonials which you are enclosing with your Resume.
  • Resume of experienced professionals takes the form of Curriculum Vitae as it comprises mostly the details of job titles, responsibilities and achievements on designations at which the person has worked until approaching new recruiter.
  • Resume should have a title associated with the post you want to work on or the work field which you have been associated with. Title for the Resume of freshers should reflect the field they are interested to be a part of or its title can simply be your qualification, for instance Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Economics etc.
  • Title can be followed with your name, postal details, e-mail and contact number.
  • After title and your introductory details, you should write your career objective. Career objective should again be brief and appealing.
  • Work experiences make most of the part of your Resume. Your previous work experiences are to be mentioned after career objective and then your academic qualification is to be penned.
  • The highest academic qualification is to be mentioned first. For instance, if you are a post graduate, then you have to write post graduation details first, followed by graduation, senior secondary and high school passing details.
  • Freshers always face a problem in writing a Resume. They complain that there is not much to write about. But it is not so. A fresher's resume needs efforts. Freshers should mention details of their internships and summer jobs intrinsically. They should write in their Resume about co-curricular activities in schools and colleges, awards received by them in academics, sports & co-curricular activities, participation in various events, work experience with NGOs, membership and work in NSS and NCC, their hobbies and interests.
  • One should try to put only those hobbies in Resume that are associated with the post which you are applying for.
  • Personal details should be avoided.
  • A photograph should not be glued to the copy of your Resume unless told by the recruiter/employer.
  • Resume should be printed on A4 size sheet only.
These are some key points that can really help you to prepare an eye-catching and a presentable Resume. You endeavor to represent yourself through words in your Resume, so it is good to keep it simple and to the point as it makes you more attractive contender for the job among all applicants.

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