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Communication Between Employee and Employer

Communication is a process in which a message is conveyed to the receiver by the sender. The message may be or may not be in a common format or language that both the sender and receiver understand. So there is a need to encode and decode the message in the process. Encoding and decoding also helps in the security of the message. The process of communication is incomplete without the feedback.

Communication is the solution to almost everything in this world. Same applies to employee retention also.
Straight-from-the-shoulder communication is what the employees need from their employers. Employees look for organizations where communication and process are transparent. Nothing is hidden and shared with the employees.

There are 3 categories of employees:

  • A: Who will leave their current employer in 3 years of their employment

  • B: Who have a probability of leaving their current employer in next 3 years

  • C: Who will stay with their current employer in the next 3 years

Category A: These are the employees who lack communication with their employers.

Category C: These are the employees who have proper, well structured communication with their employers.

Communication is also the way to win the employees trust in the organization. Employees trust the employers who are friendly and open to them. This trust leads to employee loyalty and finally retention. Employers also feel that the immediate supervisors are the most authenticated and trusted source of information for them. So the organizations should hire managers who are active communicators.

Communication mediums
  • Open door policy: Organizations should support open door policies so that the employees feel comfortable and are able to express their doubts and feeling to their employers.

  • Frequent meetings and Social gatherings

  • Emails, Newsletters, Intranet and many more
So there should be effective communication across the organization and this communication should be two-way. Communication alone can lead to unimaginable heights of employee retention.