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Salaries in Kuwait

The state of Kuwait stood as one of the most sought after employment destinations for people from many countries. Job seekers from Asian, African, South American and even European countries flocked to Kuwait in the latter part of 20th century. Indian expatriates are among the largest foreign workforce in Kuwait despite the economic crisis took place following the Gulf war towards the end of 1980s. This is mainly due to the exchange rate gap between Kuwait Dinar and Indian rupee. Indian workforce in Kuwait earns one of the best salaries comparatively than in other nations.

Kuwait is one among the highest per capita income earning countries of the world. Its most profitable oil wells helped citizens and expatriate workers live richer life compared to most countries in the Middle East and Europe. Job opportunities were very good and salaries in Kuwait were comparatively higher than in other Arab countries. From the early decades of 20th century Kuwait flourished with heavy outflow of petroleum resources which continued till 1980s so was jobs and salaries, but with Gulf tension involving Kuwait and Iraq towards the end of 80s brought heavy financial burden on the country.

Knowing the latest Salaries in Kuwait is a matter of priority for its employed citizens, expatriates working in Kuwait, financial analysts, media and many other classes in the changing economic and political scenario. This web section augments information from various sectors of Kuwait, analyze and characterize the salary structures in Kuwait.

Information Technology Jobs Lowest Salary Highest Salary Administration Jobs Lowers Salary Highest Salary
.Net Developer 558.75 656.00 Office Clerk 305.60 515.70
Computer Technician 341.36 1250.00 Receptionist 220.00 367.20
Data Architect Integrator 784.00 1567.00 Administrative Assistant 320.25 530.25
e-Business Manager 604.80 1086.00 Secretary 352.00 636.00
Enterprise Architect 1020.60 627.00 Back Office Operations Clerk 345.60 396.36
ERP CRM Technical Consultant 863.00 906.00 Administrative Officer 906.40 1236.00
ERP Oracle System Speciaolist 700.00 476.90 Store Keeper 384.00 583.00
Graphic/Animation Designer 348.00 577.30 Data Entry Operator 237.60 357.20
Information Security Engineer 1058.40 1205.46 Housekeeping Supervisor 345.60 556.50
IT Specialist 672.00 735.60 Assistant Manager 588.90 803.40
Junior Programmer 511.70 683.80 Bilingual Executive Assistant 617.40 843.15
Microsoft Desktop Engineer 539.44 785.45 Social Media Coordinator 558.60 722.70
Mobile App Developer 514.05 1092.80 Office Coordinator 352.00 556.50
Network Administrator 441.76 1223.04 Project Coordinator 422.40 699.60
Software Programmer 546.00 782.60 Purchase Manager 770.10 1174.20
Solution Specialist 1071.00 1378.96 Bilingual Receptionist 275.00 440.40
SQL Server Developer 756.80 1958.75 Sales Coordinator 362.25 503.50
System Administrator 426.00 1929.20 Office Manager 724.80 1004.80
Web Developer 447.10 2073.75 Real Estate & Procurement Manager 796.40 1104.40

(Figures in Kuwaiti Dinar)

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