The job markets in North America and Europe have always been the traditional favourites for overseas jobseekers. However, the discovery of petroleum in the Middle East and the subsequent development of the oil and gas industry in most of the West Asian countries led to a huge demand for highly skilled professionals who had expertise in different areas of specializations especially petroleum and mining engineers.

Since India had numerous high-quality engineering colleges, it was in a position to partly fulfill the accentuating demand for engineers. As the other infrastructural sectors of the economy developed, the demand for engineers with specializations in streams like electrical, mechanical, civil, and other disciplines also started rising.

One of the sectors that witnessed rapid growth and expansion was the automotive sector as many international companies like General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and other automobile companies established factories to meet the demand for vehicles. One of the countries where the automobile sector burgeoned fast was UAE.

The cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah have turned into prominent financial hubs. Automobile engineers from around the world arrive in the different cities of UAE to take up lucrative positions in the various automobile firms and ancillary companies. Expatriate automobile engineers are amongst the highest earning professionals in UAE.

The automotive industry is expected to proliferate in the next decade fueled by economic recovery, subsidized oil prices, and accelerated government spending. The demand for both fuel-efficient and luxury vehicles are anticipated to receive a spurt. This in turn will mean that more and more automobiles are going to be serviced which means the country will need automobile engineers in greater numbers.


Median Salary of Automobile/Automotive Engineer in UAE

Job Title Average Salary Range in AED Per Month
Automobile Engineer 7,222 to 17,777
Automotive Sales Engineer 7,777 to 18080
Car Quality Supervisor 7523 to 12692
Technology Analyst 12594 to 49133
Tyre Care Analyst 8644 to 17361
Diesel System Engineer 6583 to 14583
Service Advisor 4523 to 11845
Sr Automobile Technology Engineer 7688 to 13685
Hardware Systems Manager 6350 to 14520
Automotive Electrical Engineer 6388 to 9583
Car Electronics Engineer 7263 to 15254
Service Supervisor 5344 to 9619
Senior Manager-Sales 17786 to 42686
Manager-Service 13377 to 26755
Manager-Spare Parts 13933 to 26473
Manager-Painting Workshop 9758 to 20492
Bodyshop Manager 10044 to 20591
Workshop Controller 9361 to 20594
Pre Delivery Inspector 8222 to 17266
Senior Automobile Engineer 12550 to 23217
Customer Care Officer-Technical 9772 to 20521

Automobile Engineer Salary per Experience

The following table explains graduate automobile engineer salary in terms of experience. Corresponding designations are Service Engineer at the bottom to General Manager at the top.

Years of Employment Average Salary in AED
0-1 year 53,333 – 80,000
1-4 years 66,666 -140,000
5-9 years 150,000 – 210,000
10-19 years 216,666 – 320,000
20 years and more 266,666 – 486666

Average Salary According to Employer

The table explains approximately average salary range of Automobile Engineer.

Name of Employer Average Salary per month in AED
Al Yousuf Motors (Daewoo) 7,777 – 11,111
Land Rover International 10,111 – 17,777
Changan Automobiles 7,925 – 13,011
FAW Corporation 7795 – 23,555
Zahid Tractor and heavy Machinery 5,128 – 24,260
Lear Corporation 6,138 – 27,532
BMW Middle East 6159 – 26,829
Honda Motor Corp Middle Ease 2,919 – 27,401
Chevrolet Arabia 7,255 – 33,353
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation 6,127 –  38,178
Kia Motors Corporation 5,213 – 26,085
Ford Motors UAE 7,218 – 38,160
Hyundai Motor Company UAE 10530 – 27,945
Mitsubishi Motors UAE 7573 -35086
Toyota Corporation UAE 6499 -45509


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Average Salary by Benefits/Incentives

Perk or Incentive Average Salary in Lakhs INR
Vacation/Paid leave 33,35,281 INR
Mobile Phone 387,74,45 INR
Sick Leave 344,75,66 INR
Life Insurance 384,83,41 INR
Relocation Expenditures 462,15,01 INR
Company Car 388,48,57 INR
Personal Medical Insurance 396,59,13 INR