UAE being the construction, trading and oil exploration hub is the choice of thousands of B Tech degree holders from the Indian subcontinent. However, the market in the UAE is so diverse that young engineers are baffled as to what they would get, when it comes to different employment offers.

There is no salary standard in UAE as far as engineering jobs are concerned. It varies from employer to employer, nationality, experience, and qualifications. However, qualifications and experience are the most important factors. Being an Indian, if you have 5 to 6 years of experience as a design engineer and have a B Tech degree in electrical or civil engineering, you may get a salary package in the range of Rs.12 lakh per annum, Rs.22 lakh per annum. It also comes with additional benefits such as accommodation, healthcare, benefits, insurance, transportation and food. This is applicable to different industries such as infrastructure, power, energy, and oil and gas.

However, some of the shrewdest employers in the UAE offer less than AED 5000 to the young engineers from India, which is not only unjustified but also highly discriminatory and exploitative. Less than AED 5000 per month means you have to live in shared accommodation and have to eat substandard food. However, you will find many engineers especially from the state of Kerala, working for as low as AED 2500, which is the worst form of underselling yourself. You would be surprised to find an American engineer with a B Tech degree getting around AED 30,000 for the same profile that an Indian is working for just AED 5000.



Salary Structure of B.Tech in India


Money conversion is just an illusion for many Indians, desirous to work in UAE. As though, AED 5000 equals to Rs.85,000 in India according to latest conversion rates, but you would end up spending around AED 3000 on food alone , plus an additional AED 1500 on shared accommodation and transportation, and AED 500 on mobile phone, which means, you would save nothing.

With 3 to 4 years of experience, an engineer from India may easily get up to AED 15,000. The B Tech degree holders from India with an experience of more than 10 years may get a salary package in the range of AED 25,000 to AED 30,000.

The highest salaries are offered by the oil companies and IT companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Some employers advertise various engineering positions with negotiable salary. A structural engineer from Asia with five years experience having G+4 Structural License may easily fetch a package of AED 12,000 per month, provided these proficient at Stad Pro, Autocad, and Prokon etc.

A hardware engineer from India with up to three years experience may get around AED 5000-7000 in the IT sector and other companies. Sales engineers in infrastructure and power sectors get exceptionally high salaries. Their sales incentives and benefits are also extremely attractive. Most of the times, the employers mention the salary of sales engineers as “unspecified” or “negotiable”, which means they are open for negotiation. This is to attract the best talent from across the industry.