After it became free from colonial rule in 1971, UAE has largely banked on its huge oil and natural gas reserves for supporting its economy and spearheading economic development. According to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) it revenues from hydrocarbon export was approximately $118 billion in 2012 which was $75 billion more than in 2012. On the whole, hydrocarbon production and exports make up roughly 80% of the total revenues earned by the UAE government. The UAE is one of the world’s largest producers of oil and natural gas and is an associate member of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and GECF (Gas Exporting Countries Forum).

The upward spiral in oil prices and strong growth in hydrocarbon trade has played a major role in boosting overall economic growth and development in UAE. The country is in continuous need of different categories of technicians and skilled workers including petroleum engineers, petrochemical engineers, exploration geoscientists, geophysicists, and many other professionals for maintaining its oil and natural gas industry.

The companies involved in drilling of oil and its subsequent refining is mainly American and European with a smattering of Australian and Asian companies. Even some Indian organizations have their bases in UAE, including ONGC, and Indian Oil. Most of the enterprises have their offices in the cities of Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

Professionals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in petroleum or petrochemical engineering from an accredited engineering college are in great demand in UAE. Petrochemical engineers are amongst the highest earning professionals in UAE. Apart from receiving a hefty salary, petrochemical engineers are also entitled to numerous perks and incentives. It is no wonder then that fresh petrochemical engineering graduates from all over the world make a beeline to UAE to for give a robust start to their careers and also earn a lucrative salary.

The average starting yearly salary of a petrochemical engineer is approximately 8.5 lakhs INR which increases by leaps and bounds as one gains experience. A petrochemical engineer can expect a salary of 1.25 crores after he has amassed at least 12-15 years of working experience. The salary one receives also depends on other variables like the stature of the company, the size of the company, the city where works in, the industry is one is engaged in and so on.

Median Salary Range of Petrochemical Engineers in UAE

Job Title Average Salary Range in Lakhs INR
Petrochemical Engineer 83,77,09-124,087,25 INR

Median Salary in Terms of Work Experience

Years of Experience Maximum Average Salary in Lakhs INR
0-1 year 102,000,00 INR
1-4 years 118,67,666 INR
5-9 years 12,904,904 INR
10-19 years 166,713,73 INR

Median City-Wise Salary

City Average Maximum Salary in Lakhs INR
Abu Dhabi 84,59,259 INR
Dubai 126,123,34 INR

Average Salary in Terms of Size of Company

By Company Size (Number of employees) Average Salary in Lakhs INR
1-10 31,01,837 INR
10-49 11,90,0000 INR
50-200 11,90,0000 INR
200-600 35,48,427 INR
600-2,000 34,63,427 INR
2,000-5,000 38,88,801 INR
5,000-20,000 77,81,359 INR
20,000-50,000 311,22,92 INR
50,000 and above 29,59,039 INR

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Median Salary in Terms of Skill

Skill or Speciality Average Maximum Salary in Lakhs INR
Microsoft Word 80,91,354 INR
Microsoft Office 86,70,000 INR
Microsoft Excel 79,32,287 INR
Engineering Design 64,45,091 INR
Project Management 410,73,70 INR
Windows Operating System (General) 52,55,142 INR
C++ 63,37,787 INR
Matlab 606,20,98 INR
Windows 2000/ XPNetworking/NT 73,18,398 INR

Median Salary According to Industry

Industry Average Salary in Lakhs INR
Oil & Gas 12,24,00,00 INR
Petroleum Extraction 69,18,082 INR
Oil & Gas Exploration 80,183,05 INR

Median Salary in Terms of Degree

Degree Average Salary in Lakhs INR
Bachelor’s Degree 11,56,00,00 INR

Median Salary According to Certification

Median Salary According to Certification Average Maximum Salary in Lakhs INR
Certified Professional Engineer 79,99,027 INR
Engineer in Training 62,18,107 INR

Median Salary According to Number of Professionals

Total Number of Professionals Average Maximum Salary in Lakhs INR
100-500 35,70,000 INR
1000-2000 38,76,000 INR

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Median Salary According to Employer Type

Employer Type Average Salary in Lakhs INR
Company 52,14,512 INR
Contractual 241,45,27 INR
Private Practice 52,55,142 INR
State & Local Government 52,28,061 INR
Government (Federal) 607,82,48 INR